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It’s Not What You Think

27 Sep

I don’t know what is more scary–the fact I got this brochure at the Spokompton Fair–or the fact there were many enthusiastic people staffing their booth.  Produced by Heritage House, I find the contents ignorant, and. . .  Well, let’s just leave it at ignorant.


On the Front:

“Planned Parent Hood (sic) It’s not what you think”  picture of a snake on a bouquet of pink flowers.  “Lantana.  The beauty of this flower is known for attracting children, but then it causes poisoning and death when eaten.”

Quotes w/in:

“It’s all about abortion.”

-“First and foremost Planned Parenthood is all about aborting children.”

-“Abortions were performed 98.6% of the time.”

“It’s all about Money.”

-“As a non-for-profit. . .  34% of this billion dollars came from you, the taxpayer.”

-“Income from abortions total in the $190,000,000 range.”

“It’s all about Sex.”

-“You teen can view informative videos showing how to put on a condom!”

-“A lot of teens choose to skip intercourse and practice outercourse instead, which can include kissing and                body rubbing.”

“It’s all about Deception.”

-“Every year, nearly 25,000 affiliate volunteers and staff provide sexual and reproductive health care,            education, and information to nearly 5 million women, men, and teens in the U.S.!”

feminism is necessary

Gasp!  Providing information and health care?!  Unbelievable.  I won’t even justify this mis-information and scare-tactics with any response.  You can look at higher, legitimate sources–cited and substantiated, of course–for yourself and come to your own conclusions.  My thoughts–education can never, never be a bad thing.