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My Attention Span

10 Sep

Calls for another list.  Maybe as much as paragraphs.

*I thought I liked “Portlandia” because it makes fun of (crazy) Oregon, but maybe it’s already stale on episode 6.  I feel it’s more of a sketch comedy now, then finding different aspects of Oregon (weed?  anti-vaccine?) to mock.  I’ll give it another short chance before I give up on it.

*Where did Aimee Mann come from, how has she been on the scene so long, and why am I just now hearing about her?  I saw her play herself as a maid on “Portlandia” and she seems like one cool gal.  Like a 1990’s coffee-house kinda vibe.  Apparently, she was popular in the 1980s. . .  I’m listening to her now as I type this, and before when I was re-writing my class notes.

*The above re-writing of notes is not (just) an OCD thing–I promise!  This instructor uses over-head sheets and random organization during lecture.  So my notes are not only ugly, and unbearable to study, but scribbled unpon and difficult to decipher.  As a means of getting it all in a form I can understand in the future, and studying, I write them in outline form right after class.

*I was paranoid about my stupid short paper.  I cited my sources, which you should always, always do on a formal (college) paper, but I fret no one else did.  Also, I did NOT count the citations in my word count.  And because I included one (10 word) statistic, my paper went over max-length by 9 words.  So it looks all crazy and long, and I hope they don’t take the time to do an exact count, and I really hope they don’t take off a ton of points for over-shooting the length.

*I have this terrible habit of avoiding eye contact and mumbling.  It’s partially, from work, where I’m legit busy with my hands and multi-tasking most of the time (exp:  asking about appetite while I’m down on the floor weighing a cat), but it’s also from shyness.  And maybe some sort of anti-social aversion?  I offered to take everyone’s assignment to the prof after class and noticed myself awkwardly averting my gaze like some sort of serial killer or something.  I need to keep mindful of this in casual situations, because I know I don’t do it in formal instances like a job interview.

*Speaking of jobs, my boss gave me a timeline (finally!) of most assuredly before the semester and probably before the end of October for my schedule change!  I will be counting the hours until I’m off of Fridays!!!!!!!!!

*I feel like I’m doing a little better with studying, but at the cost of running.  It seems like whatever I do first in the day is the KIND of day I am going to have.  If I work first, the day is wasted with work tiredness.  If I run first, it’s a fitness day.  When I study, it’s a productive school day.  I’m not sure why this is, or how I can feel accomplished at all three on the same day. . .

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How a Short Week Felt Long

8 Sep

a list of my goings-on:

-I’m worried that I’m not studying enough or that I don’t have the right buckled-down school mentality or something.  This makes me feel guilty and worried.

-I think my work has a mind to put me off about my schedule change now that they agreed to do it.  I’ve heard nothing of it, and when I pressed my boss about a broad timeline she wrote me “Unknown.”  WTF!

-I still haven’t hit my scheduling groove and this makes me over-all stressed and gives me guilt about being unproductive.

-Cool is manic.  Still.  This means she cooks a lot and goes grocery shopping by herself.  It also means she can be irritable, doesn’t sleep, and is impulsive.

-I felt sick yesterday, but I get this nondescript fatigue/achy/feverish feeling, not vomiting.  So I couldn’t call in sick, and no one even noticed I wasn’t well.  I wish I got the stomach flu–no one wants you when you’re vomiting!

-We had tickets to the fair (and I looovvvvee festivity) but I didn’t feel well and opted to study all day instead.  Maybe we can go later this week?

-I hate 75-150 word papers!  How the eff am I supposed to describe a pathology, the cause, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, hearing implications, and rehab considerations in such little space?

-I had bad dreams last night.  Let’s just say they are too disgusting and repulsive to mention.

-The weather has been crazy–93F blazing sun one day and 54F gray, and cloudy this morning.  It makes running outside difficult–as does the community college’s schedule.  I just treadmilled it this morning, which saved time and was warmer.  But that makes for a long indoor season,

-There are so many things I need and want to do, but it seems like there’s so little time.

-I need to do my clogging dance so I don’t forget the steps.

I guess that’s all.  I’ll try to write more this next week.  Maybe it will be possible.

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Brain-Dump Labor Dave Sunday

2 Sep

Frilled-DragonFed and watered and medicated the house cats, and watered the outside plants at work, Starbucks, and then we were off!  It was 80 degrees before 10AM.  We went to Lenore Lake Caves and hiked, and I put my hand in Soap Lake, which actually smells of soap!

Soap Lake bubbles

Tried to find a few other trails, but Google Maps directions were crazy so we drove aimlessly, just enjoying the middle-Washington scenery and each other’s company.  Got to a spot near the Columbia River and decided to hike down so I could dip my feet.  Hiked, and hiked, and hiked in the 90 degree direct sunlight over the optical illusion of a short trek, then searched for a break in the plants to get to the water.  Found just the right spot, with a circle Labor Dave Sunday 048of rocks and an island, which was empty!  Dipped our feet–the water felt lovely and we wished we had swim clothes.  Decided to go there before tail-gating next year.  Crawled up the fine, deep sand way to the top of the mountain in 90+ degree direct sun.

Slurred to the car covered in sweat and dirt.  Took off my shoes and shorts, and took a sponge bath with the damp washcloths we put in the cooler.  Felt like geniuses for having the foresight to pack those!  Deodorized, perfumed, re-sunscreened, and dressed in our concert gear.

tail-gate 2Drove to the parking-lot, folded down the seats in the car, and made our bed for camping.  Sat in camping chairs, alternately drinking Gatorade, peach cocktails (still cold in the thermos), and CANS of craft beer.  Also ate many snacks.  Note to self–next year bring some sort of meal along with the munchy snacks, because the prices inside are outrageous.  Talked, laughed and ate from 3PM to 5-ish, before heading inside.

Bought the requsite merch, beer, and sold a kidney in order to buy dinner.  Took many, ampitheatre 3many pictures inside the Ampitheatre.  Spread our WSU blanket on the grass.  Moved to the opposite side when some creepy dude sat immediately next to us on the empty hill.  The new spot was near the bathrooms, so worked out wonderfully.  Watched weird people in black lace bras (only), tie-dye onsies, bear-hats (yes, the animal), tube-tops, and other inappropriate-for-public attire.  Drank more beer so as not to get annoyed by people standing in front of us, smoking right next to us, and generally being obnoxious as people do.


Wrote down each song as it was played to see who came closest to predicting the set-list (Cool did).  Danced, sang, watched, and enjoyed the Sunday show.  Really enjoyed it–even from the lawn.  Still decided to get legit seats next year, because even the worst seats are better then general admission.  Because the sit is yours even when you’re ampitheatre 4not in it, the other people in seats also paid more so they’re paying attention and not screwing around, and you can see much better.

I bought Cool a shirt for winning our contest and we left at the start of the last song to get the car out of the crazy, crammed lot.  We got lost, but eventually found Feathers camping site.  Cool decided it was full (it wasn’t) so she parked further up the road near the boat launch.  Slept.

Woke up in the moost beautiful of places, happy to have pre-gamed with IB Prophen, Pepto, wake up spotcarbs, and Gatorade.  Felt good, took pictures of the canyon walls, Columbia River right outside the car door, and a waterfall.  Talked and drove to my work to check the buddies.  Cleaned the car, unpacked, and showered.  Boy does it feel nice to be clean.

All in all, a wonderful weekend, with lots of things to remember for the future, and many nice pictures and videos!