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Do I Have Anything (Meaningful) To Say?

17 Oct

I’m not sure–I guess we’re about to find out.

My week.  Has been well, not exactly horrible, but I’ve perpetually felt as if I’m behind.  And tired.  This started last Friday when I agreed to trade and work a full day.  Let me go on the record and say I will never, never trade and crab 1work a full Friday again.  12 hours in the building, friend’s pets (not getting fully charged), and a lunch-time dental that lasted 1.5 hours just makes me too tired, frustrated, and annoyed.

So I was tired Saturday, and unable to concentrate on studying like I should have.  Then, I didn’t have enough time Sunday to do all the studying, projects, reading on Sunday.  And my alarm clock broke.  Which makes me crazy.  I need a projector clock at night.  NEED.  This left me starting the week with worried, restless sleep, and fatigue on Monday–my (new) longest day.

Monday was chaotic at work, and I got home more than an hour later than usual–so then I not only didn’t have cochlea 5time to finish the previous week’s studying tasks, but couldn’t make that day’s flashcards either.  And Tuesday I woke up tired, moved slow(er) at work and didin’t get us ahead enough to counter for that crazy day.  And a high-risk anesthetic made me feel. . .  Stormy.  For lack of a better emotion/word.  After work I usually cat-nap, study, and eat, but I HAD to go to the store (which I hate) to get an alarm clock.  Also Tuesday, I usually re-write that day’s notes and make all my study aids, but didn’t finish in favor of going to bed early to set the next day up for success.  By this time I was so far behind on school that I was/am going insane!

Yesterday was better both at work and in study prepardness.  Now I’m just one day behind.  But the maine-coon-for-brains caterwalled vigorously at 3 AM this morning, so now I’m debating which would be a better use of time:  Napping or churning out school work?

Take Home Points:

-do not work all day Friday–the ramifications go on and on.  And on.

-Call the police on the unruly, rude neighbors who make obnoxious noise on the stairwell all night.

-Do the homework THAT day–even if tired, because it just keeps growing–and getting more hazy the further it’s put off.

-Have a point when writing a blog post.

I guess that’s all for now.  I’m properly motivated to make my inner ear anatomy flashcards and study sheets.


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