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Paper 3: Communicate w/Hearing Impaired

29 Oct

Yes!  I am getting ahead.  Actually, I’m too tired to memorize flash cards like I should.  I think my peak study time is 6-8 AM, when I’m at work.  But it’s OK, because my new schedule is STILL better.  I am super-duper less stressed out and hating life much, much, much less than I was.  Like, exponentially.  Just because of one day.  So I’ll work on my paper now, and that’s time saved later to memorize–so it all works out.  Do I say “so” way too often?  I just noticed that it’s a little annoying.  To find a new segway. . .

RITE h-aid in silver

obvious & from notes:


-find best listening enviro–decrease background noise

-eye contact

-face the person

-good lighting

-minimize distractions


-capture attention before speaking

-introduce topic

-Give feedback:  Nod when the message is understood, let emotions show on the face, gesticulate (not too much)

-stay on topic & have clear transitions when changing subject

-avoid complex sentences, unfamiliar language

-don’t inturrupt/talk over


-avoid speaker behaviors (hand in front of face, smiling too much, shouting, mumbling, don’t exaggerate mouth mvmts)

-sense & clarify breakdowns

-use different words in when repeating

-use hand gestures or writing or fingerspelling