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October Goals

31 Oct

October was the end of fall season–my favorite season depending on the state I’m in.  That’s my excuse, anyway, for possibly slipping on some of these.  Probably my 2nd favorite season after summer in WA–Excuses, excuses. . .  Anyhow, here is a very quick run down of goal progress because I have a difficult exam in my harder class today, house-sit over the weekend, then a test on the most difficult unit (balance, inner ear, auditory pathway) in my “easier” course on Monday.  So my game-face is on.

Water–hit & miss.  I got the thermos, now I just have to remember to drink from it during my crazy morning frenzy at work.  I’m pretty much running, running to get everything finished up before anyone else walks in the door.  But, I AM doing better than before.  I just need to be better, still.

Drinking–As of November 1st, no more beer until May.  As a calorie-saving measure.  Because no exercise + empty calories of beer = FAT.  October was peak of our favorite fall brews so we consumed more.  BUT it was not huge amounts at once.

Flossing–On a few nights I’ve been especially tired so I didn’t.  So I need to do this earlier–right after class if need be.  Mostly, I’ve also been doing better, just not perfect on this one.

Cool–Up & Down, like her moods.  She’s still swinging between sub-manic and zombie-tired.  I am really proud of both of us though.  She was turning into a lazy zombie, and instead of just thinking she had a lazy personality I cued in that these were bipolar signs.  And she did really well, because despite doing into a depression she listened to me and went to her doctor for a medication adjustment.  And once that happened she became a “person” again.  So as a team we staved off a depressive episode!  Kudos for us!!!

What are my other goals?

Ummmm, lets see, running?  Well, that’s not even a thing now.  I apparently, no matter my good intentions in warm weather, am just a fickle summer runner.  Cold weather, fighting for track-time, studying prove to be major roadblocks to my fitness.

What else was on my list?  Jeeze, whatever it is I’m doing terribly on because I can’t remember what they are even!  I think November will be a lot better 1) it’s cold outside so I don’t want to leave the house.  This gives me focus and time to accomplish the things.  2)  My work schedule is set, so I won’t have anymore transition craziness or (as much) social strife at work.  Hopefully.  3)  All the classes are in the final stage so it’s all about testing, testing, papers, and final projects–leaving no time for funny business.  4)  Talent show!  Which I am very, very excited to clog in, and am out to win the grand prize!  That’s real-life, they are awarding prizes–and I want the biggest!  See you for next month’s update 🙂