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Trampled & Awkward

5 Nov

I am still here.  I was house-stting and studying for my 2nd exam in a week span.  This one went much better, by the way–I’m only uncertain of two questions.  And no moldy coffee was consumed for once.  Anyway, I’ve been very, very tired the last two days, dispite pretty good sleep.  I think I need to 1)  take vitamins 2) buy and take some B vitamins.  I did however, drink an unprecedented 6 cups of water this morning before 9AM.  I feel it’s a real accomplishment as I have never had more then 4 cups in a day and I didn’t even start out dehydrated so it all added to my fluid level instead of trying to break even.

I’m drinking coffee now and that un-does a little of it, but I’m trying to get some energy so I can file old exam info, type the new outline, study the new flashcards, and clean the apartment.  So I’m getting my momentum by typing this. . .  Though as I type, I’m pretty disatisfied with the content and syntax.  But it’s better then no post at all, so bear with me.

The real topic at hand is names.  I always thought gals who knew their future children’s names when they, themselves were in college (or elementary school, as the case may be) were. . .  INSANE.  I mean, the spouse does have a say in the matter and genders are unknown, and a lot of factors go into this huge decision.  But now, I guess I am one of them.

stegotortoiseWe have named our future tortoises.  “Awkward” and “Trampled.”  Since the slogan of awkward turtle is funny and I like the band “Trampled by Turtles.”  Also, we have begun to name future cats.  So far there is “Britches.”  Obviously this is a thing with me.  And there turtle eating strawberryis “Bison,” and “Bernie.”  Last but not least Cool and I decided that if ever, which this would be a long, long time away and maybe never at all.  If ever we had a child–we would name it the gnder-neutral Austin, with the middle name Reathel to honor my grandma.  But not Reathel as a first name, because if anyone made fun of the name, including the kid itself, it would break my heart.  So I guess I’ve joined the ranks of the insane in the naming frenzy.  Austin Reathel!

That is all I have to say–time to bleach the mold in the bathroom.  Fun-times.