Stop! Wait, Start is What I Actually Mean

7 Nov

I have a big list of things to do today and this weekend.  Yet, I’m screwing around on the internet.  So here’s a quick post to find out WHY I’m procrastinating and find some motivation within.

Why Am I Not Working:

-I’m tired?

-I don’t know where to start

-I’m distracted

Why is My To-Do List Ultra-Important?

-The assignments are about to pile up.  So I should pre-game and get stuff finished while I have the time.

-I know I need to set myself up for success in my classes, because the exams are either hard or unfairly tricky.

-Ultimately, I want to learn the material WELL to get into higher learning, a big girl career, and elevate my life situation.

What Will Happen if I Continue to Put Off Important Things:

-I will lose sleep, worry, become crabby, and possibly turn in sub-standard work, or be unprepared for exams.

-My grades could drop from the A’s I need to B’s.

-Without the 4.0 I won’t easily get into a program, and I’m getting too old to start over.

-I will get stuck working at a job that doesn’t realize my full potential, or make much difference to the world–without worker’s rights, benefits, or fair pay.

How Do I Find the Motivation?

-I will find music that I can live with for a longer period rather then new things I’m compelled to switch.

-I will only touch the computer as reward for finished assignments.

-As I know well, I will become less overwhelmed by breaking my things into smaller, more managable steps.

-I will just START.  It doesn’t really matter on what.  It’s all got to be done.

I’m ready!  Here I go outlining Chapter 15 in Aural Rehab!  I can do this!


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