1credit ideas

8 Nov

-Get permission to take grad class, “Dysphagia.”

**my favorite of these options, but I don’t think Riverpoint would be very excited to let me take a grad-level course.  They’re not really into change, or letting me buck their system. . .  But I will make an attempt–because this would be awesome and directly relates to what I would like to do if I go the Speech Language Pathology route.

**also this is something I want to do eventually.

throat anatomy

-Ask to do a dysphagia special topic course

*I could still learn about dysphagia and taylor it to my interests.  It would be good, if I could utilize work some way–I have access to kitties during sx and to radiographs.  I need to brainstrom some ideas and have a plan before I broach the subject with any professor though.


-Find a special topic related to hearing for my Speech Sci prof (relatively new = not as inundated w/student req)

*But I really have no idea what.  Or even how to come up with a research question. . .

college what i really do

-Find some online course


-Take 3 credit Voice Disorders class in my program

=as a last resort only.

Grenada 23

-Find out how much Guatamala class/trip would cost in $$$ & time.

=I suspect this would demand more time then my work schedule would allow, and maybe negate taking one more credit to get the loan package since I think you have to pay some for the trip.

*I found out they don’t really want to TAKE any more students to the country, anyway (fine with me as I’m sort of anti-travel, safe toilet syndromatic).  They do allow people to take the lecture about culture & preperation for credit, so I could do that if need be.

Montana-Nikon 094

-Though the 3cr Native American class would be amazing, I’m not sure I could make it work since it starts before the end of my work day (when I already go to class once) and goes til 8PM when I have to rise early the next day.

*I wish this was a different day at least and preferably a different time too–it would be neat to learn anything new about my people.

Montana-Nikon 278

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