Bent Out of Shape

8 Nov


Today I (now) get off work at 10 AM. The day is supposed to be for school-related studying, projects, and meetings. So when our student chapter of our professional body put their meetings on Fridays–I was mostly relieved I was able to attend. In the past, I would have been severely annoyed as I would have had to miss every meeting b/c of work. Which is how I played it last year. Paid my dues, never showed up, never participated in anything, because all of it conflicted with work.  And that sucks–because this club is akin to a pre-vet student not being in the pre-vet club. Or a vet student NOT being part of the SAVMA or whatever. It’s not too cool, and it’s a red-flag to any admissions/scholarship committee.  It’s sort of something everyone is expected to do.  And it makes you more of a community with your classmates and puts you more in tune with the career.

Anyway, I want to play a role in the club this year, and because I’m a gung-ho, joiner, kind of gal I would love to take an active role.  Today, I went to school at noon just for the meeting.  And for a second meeting in a row, those-20-somethings chatted/gossiped about boys and television shows, starting late.  You know how I feel about being prompt. . .

ruined hairSidenote:  When did I start feeling so much older than the college-aged kids (did I just type that?) I attend school with???  I never really fit in with the college gals, even when I was in my lower 20s, but wasn’t nearly as annoyed as I am today.  Maybe annoyed is too stong a word–I merely notice that I’m in a completely different place in my life than these younger people.  They are talking about drama, weddings, boyfriends, boys, name-brand shopping, boys, parties, and boys.  Not what I consider substance.  That sounds too harsh as well–it’s not like I feel superior or anything–just worlds apart.  There is suddenly a large gap between me and them.  And it’s been fairly recent.  Maybe when I turned 30?

Back to the topic at hand:  Then, in a disorganized way, the officers at the meeting just said things (sprinkled with many “like” and a “down with that”) that could have been e-mailed or put on Facebook.  And at both meetings when people asked questions, no one really knew the answers.  The meeting (both of them) ended after 20 minutes.

I can’t help but to feel really disgruntled at what a waste of time that is.  Sure, the meeting may be just 20 min of nothing useful, but I have to drive over there. find (far away) parking, walk in, wait for them to start, walk back to my car, drive home–the whole thing sucks an hour out of the middle of my day and breaks it up so I end up being unproductive.

I hate that.  I want to get home from work, get into my jammies, study with my family hanging around me and recouperatingfood at the ready, then get ready for the next day of work, and go to bed.  Here I am.  I have done nothing school-related today.  And now it’s 4:30 PM, 3 hours before bed, when my brain is all lethargic and it’s difficult to find the motivation. . .  Also, when I go an entire day without doing anything “school” I feel really, really guilty and begin to fret.  That ruins sleep.  And I’ll be tired tomorrow too.  I don’t think I’ll go to any more of those meetings unless I’m already at school for some other reason.

In other news, while I was at school I picked up my inner ear/auditory pathway exam.  She keyed in one answer wrong so I get one more point–making my 3rd exam grade a 96.8%.  But I’m not satisfied with that because I don’t think the professor writes her tests (or grades them) very fair.

As an example, she had a fill in the blank portion where you could either write “inner hair cell” (IHC) or “outer hair cell”(OHC)  in response to various items.  One was “motile” which of course is OHC.  Well she wrote “one to many” on one spot and “many to one” on another.  I KNOW that OHC have one efferent nerve fiber that go to many hair cell bodies and that IHC have one cell body with many afferent nerve fibers transmitting info to the brain.  But did she intend “one” to mean a hair cell or the nerve fiber or vice versa???  How am I supposed to know?!  Without being IN her head.  So on the test I wrote “neron” after both questions–to show that I was considering the first item to regard the cell body and the 2nd to be directed at the neron.  And she apparently meant it the other way around, so she marked both of those wrong.  Even though I obviously know the material.

Makes me crazy!  Counting all the unfairly graded questions I’ve missed so far, I’ve missed 8(?) things that it was obvious (from my notes on the exam) I knew, but differed from what she intended to mean when writing the exam/key.  That’s 2 full points of my overall grade. . .  *frown, frown*

Other then those neusances (and feeling extremely tired all week, despite decent sleep) I’m very, very happy that work is going better for me.  I could get used to this.  It really bleeds over into my whole live, emotional state, and attitude–whether negative b/c work is $hitty or awesome b/c work is neutral to good.  Takes tons of stress and worry out of my life-yay!  I hope it lasts.


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