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Doors are Opening

10 Nov

This is not my normal life. I can’t figure out if things are just now finally coming together for me, it’s “the finger” pushing me toward my correct path, or just a change in my own mentality.

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Whatever it is–I like it. I feel happy. And hopeful. And I’m not weighed down by immense stress and worry.

I am a credit short for Spring semester. A credit short of the loan package I need. And that’s a deal-breaker. I must have the loan money to survive. But classes usually come in 3cr packages, which makes juggling work and school all the more difficult. So at first it was awkward, inconvenant–my normal.

But I talked to some faculty and they were actually very supportive. I had many options. And everyone seemed glad to help me persue them too–a very different situation between me and the staff here, indeed.

To make a long story, well, slightly less long. I’m doing an independent study where I will help transcrive child utterances in language samples. But the project can be just that or expand in various directions. I can help with data analysis, and tie it to SLP or audiology topics of interest. I can also extend my work over the summer–maybe even have a long term thing. I might even write a paper about one of the research questions stemming from the language samples and work to get it published!!!

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So I can:
-get the 1 credit I need for my loan
-learn more about computer software
-get more experience transcribing
-delve into all the analysis
-work with children who have cochlear implants
-get face-time with people to work on the letters of reccommendation
-have a school-related project over the summer
-write a paper
-get published
-have something awesome to put on my grad school apps
-have a good scholarship essay
-feel better about Riverpoint’s staff
-network–I know–ME, networking!

Everything is coming up roses. I’m excited.