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why i hate soup

15 Nov

I woke up to pee in the night, and was horrified that I suddenly had a sore throat.  This is always, always the first sign of an impending cold.  And when I get sick, it really sucks, because 1)  it’s never the vomit and diarrahea stuff that keeps you at home, so I’m obligated to keep all my comitments.  2)  It’s always the same:  Invisble sore throat, into invisable fever that really makes me feel miserable, into a messy head cold.  Runny noses in silent 75 min lectures are the worst!  3)  I don’t sleep well–and this unleasehes a chain of events like being crabby, non-funtional at work, and extra worrying.

San Fran bridgeMost people want soup when they’re sick.  But the only soup I like is chowder–in a bread bowl.  Preferably in San-Fran at a Fisherman’s Warf stand-up table over-looking the water.  So today I’m pretty miserable.  I did stay an extra half hour at work, because they really over-booked the morning (and social tensions were actually low and I want to keep it that way) and I studied very productively.  But I feel rotton.  And of course guilty about leaving when there was still so much work to be done–and worried that social tensions will be at a peak again tomorrow because I did leave.  Maybe that’s just the tiredness talking.

But no one wants to hear about that same ‘ol stuff.  Here’s more about why I dislike soup.  Disclaimer when I didslike things (with the exception of french fries, which I will never, never, ever touch, let alone eat, in my LIFE) I just mean I don’t prefer them and wouldn’t chose them.  But I still eat them if need be.  Anyway, why soup is disargreeable to me:

It’s slow and unruly to eat.  As a rule, I dislike food you have to work at:  Lobster in the shell, ribs, caramel apples crabon a stick.  No matter how good the taste, I resuse to struggle around with my food.  I want things that I can quickly shovel into my mouth.  Soup has to be spooned, slowly, and slurrped.  Soup is better out of a thermos, because you can drink it–but why (when there are so many better things to pack in a thermos) would I chose soup?  It often drips down my chin from the bowl, and I hate that.

After all this work, I find that it’s not even filling.  Maybe the salt fills you up short-term, but usually I’m still starving after soup.  Salads too, for that matter.  Soup, is only tolerable when there’s bread to sop it up and fill you up–but again, why bother when you can just eat the bread?

Besides, super-hot temperatures hurt my mouth.  I hate all the waiting, and blowing before you can slurp soup.  I want to dig in–so I do.  And then I pay the price of scald-tongue, roof, cheecks, throat.  Not awesome.  Especially, when you can’t taste things for the next couple days because your skin has sloughed off.  That’s one of the things I love about Cool–she knows just how “hot” to make my beverages or foods.  To most people it’s leukwarm, but that’s just enough for me.

celestial cow

Even after braces, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, and gum-grafts–I had real food.  Like steak.