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One More Month to Get It Done

30 Nov

Will I make it?  Well, let’s see.  I at least feel more optimistic about November.  And look at this:  I actually pulled up the original new year’s resolutions so I can see what I’m supposed to be doing!  Super-NOT lazy!  Next year, I make a physical sign or poster of the goals so I can see and remember them always.

coffee owl


It’s usually a touchy subject, but things are going great.  I’m hesitant to say it, because it’s jinxy and these things can go sour in a hurry.  Have I mentioned I adore my new schedule?  Even though it keeps me locked in town, and even though I’m pretty much constantly tired Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?  It is still the best change in my life.  And knock on wood-everyone is being as nice as they are able to me right now.


We’ve been trying to cook again lately.  And we had a few massages this month–though I think that may be what set off last week’s terrible headache. . .  Her meds may or may not be back of track, it’s difficult to tell.  My loyality, responsibility, reminders, and finances end up conveying how much I care–I still am not the greatest at doing little things to show I care.  I want to work on that more.


I have really succeeded in making this my number 1 priority.  There is no keeping up or getting ahead on class work and studying, but I’m pulling through the best I can.  I just have to make it another week, and then 2 more semesters!  I can, and I will keep that 4.0!


I drank the special Walla Walla wine (but nothing at our fancy restaurant lunch) for our 4 year anneversary.  The second time I drank was some of our ice wine (that I said I was going to finish) at my Aunt’s house.  It would have been very uncharacteristic not to have anything there, and I would have had to offer an explanation–which I didn’t want to get into.  And the whole drinking thing over there ended up making me feel alone and empty.  I don’t want to be THAT person that gives it up, then judges others about their habits.  But I was concerned.  My aunt had begun drinking before we got there.  Disregarded my feelings/health (I was legit-ill with headache and stomach issues that night), and pressured Cool to open another bottle of wine after we had gone through the first two.  I was drinking slowest and only had 1.5 glasses of wine (to their 3-4?), then gave the remainder of my glass to Cool because I felt icky.  But even after I indicated I didn’t feel well and wanted to leave soon, my aunt waited until I went to the bathroom, and guilted Cool into pouring more wine.  The whole scanario made me feel worthless, like they didn’t care about me, and I knew it was the alcohol doing all the talking that night.  I can’t go over there again, if that’s the situation.  I’m going to attempt only breakfast meetings with my aunt from now on, to avoid the pressure, and that ugly feeling.  I have done very well otherwise, and feel so much better about life in general without it.


I have been getting caffeine a lot lately–the Starbucks was a frequent stop this month.  I just felt very tired, but didn’t want to forgo the studying for sleep.  After finals, I need to get back to more economical energy practices.  Also, it’s been a little rough without food stamps at all.  The cupboards are often bare, and frige empty.  This is more from lack of planning, then complete dire straights–I need to be smart and stick to necessities and ingrediants rather then blowing a bunch of cash on small, processed easy-prepare foods.  Mission stop being tired, and therfore lazy!


Ugh–complete and utter fail.  I do nothing outside of my normal routine–which is luckily fairly active.  Next semester I MUST establish a treadmill, Wii-Fit, circuits routine and really stick with it, for those cold weather, studious months.  I’m getting too old to be sedentary.


Water consumption is still hit or miss.  I AM drinking some water each day, which is a vast improvement from the none, and dehyrating beverages of the past.  I need to have more though.  It’s imperative that I chug water in the early morning at work.  I think this is one reason I’ve had daily headaches this whole week.


And I’ve skipped a few flossing days, mostly because I wait until I’m too tired sometimes.  But for the most part, I’ve done that daily as I should.

As you can see I fizzled out by the end of this.  I must be tired.  I’ll do a big month and year wrap up in December, and have 2014 resolutions as well.