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It’s 8PM & After My Bedtime

4 Dec

A list in lue of an essay.  Because, per my recent usual I’m tired.  

-I think I just spelled leu wrong

-Also, I wanted to title this blah blah PAST my bedtime, but I wasn’t entirely confident if “past” or “passed” was proper.

-Tired or poorly educated?  Who knows.

-My right eye has been twitching all week.  I don’t know why, but it’s annoying.  And I’m pretty sure others can SEE it = awkward.

-I’m awake at all, because I had an entire energy drink in order to study really well.

-I have been studying on the treadmill every day (that I wasn’t working all day) this week–that’s 2!

-And yet, I ate 4(?) yummy cream cheese brownies today so I’m over my calories 😦

-I did random font colors to match my all-over-the-place mood.

-I like how Eminem uses snippets from earlier records in his new album. 

-By Wednesday I’m usually non-functional b/c of school and work.

-My mom sent Cool & I advent calendars alla Grandma Reathel.  I had forgotten what a big part of my life those were.

-I’m glad for a new schedule (earlier classes) next semester.

-I’m finally to November in my music of the year listening.  I’m on Eminem now, and I like it–I usually like him tho.  

-I turned in my paper, but am now worried about my citations.  It’s probably nothing to fret about.

-On that note, I think it’s funny my blog gets hits with search terms that match my exact assignments.  I wonder if it’s classmate/mates and if I know them.  

-Maybe it’s the professors checking for cheating or something though. . .  Hopefully, I haven’t slandered anyone who’s reading.

-I guess that’s the price you pay for having an online presence.  I suppose I don’t write anything I’m not willing to back up in person, though often I would word things much differently.

-That’s not a disclaimer, just thinking aloud.

-Greatest news ever today = a surprise at-home, open-note, final that I can take any one of 3 days (instead of between work Monday)

-I almost forgot, I meant to look up brown (couderoy) jacket today.  I should open Amazon, or at least put it on my calendar–but I’m in here now, so there it is.

-While I’m remembering things–I’m going to ask one of my professors for a letter of rec. this semester–so I’ll have 2 asked for, and all 3 in mind.  This will reduce stress/pressure when I’m actually applying for grad school next year.

-I love that show, “What Not to Wear.”  At least now that they toned down the snarky comments and come at it from a more heartfelt place.  

-The show reminded me of dated clothes, dressing your age, and polyester.  As such, I wore my overalls and polyester butterfly shirt from high school days to class today.  

-Breaking all the style rules is fun!  I thought I looked cute though.  But I guess they ALL do.

-mmmm, I started this post with something to say and it seems that train is gone.