There’s No Pleasing Me

6 Dec

At least when it comes to matters of worry.

-An open note test is a GOOD thing.  Except now I’m worried about taking it online.  My internet connection often drops and it would be horrible to lose my test before I completed all the questions.  I thought it would ease my mind if I did a practice quiz, disconnected the internet, and saw whether the test shut down or if it would be OK.  So much to the annoyance of the prof, I requested a mini practice quiz.  She obliged and I went through my procedure.  The test time continued to count down, but it didn’t cease.  Which is good, but the practice run didn’t allieviate any worry.  AND I had been so worried about the connectivity that didn’t pay attention to the questions at all.  I figured she would make 2 non-questions, but she put effort into making legit questions–and I didn’t look at them.  And I couldn’t open them back up once the test was submitted.  And now I’m fretting about WHERE to take the exam that has a more trustworthy connection.  I’m worried the library at school will be full of finals-crammers, as will the coffee shops.  Now what?  And when?  There’s no great time to take the thing either.

-I DID have a productive study day.  And I got to leave work early, which I always, always love.  I utilized that extra time too, by studying in the bath, and I studied until 7PM, which is virtually unheard of for me.  I’m happy about those things.

-I’m also proud of my three-part blog series I wrote on feline/cat/animal restraint.  I mention it, because a gal at work got bit up and it’s a major issue right now.  And I thought of an extra tip and added it to part 1 today.  So you should check those out–and no, I still don’t know how to post a link to former posts on this post to make these things a click away for you.  But look under Sept 2013, or wade through the tag “veterinary.”

-Why did my neighbors become severly obnoxious in the last week?  These are the same ones who have lived next door for at least 6 months, that used to be quiet.  Last night, they were blasting music, shouting, and stomping on the stairs again.  And portions throughout the day.  I’m always amazed at how little inconsiderate people sleep.  Last night’s shennenigans were equal volume with my noise-masking fan, so I tossed a little, but mostly got fitfull sleep, and that beats no sleep at all.  *Insert glare eyeballs*

-Shoot, I always do this–I had something else and now I’ve forgotten it.  I should start these posts by doing a quick outline, then filling in details.  Maybe I’ll think of it again later.  I’m sure I’ll be back in between study sessions tomorrow.  

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