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And Just Like That

10 Dec

I’m finished.  Fall 2013 is over.  Forgive me, I’m only half paying attention as I write this–I’m watching a show.  You can do that when you don’t have to study!

-I took my open-note test at a coffee shop with free (and trustworthy) WiFi.

-OK, forget it, you have my full attention, I was missing pertinant facts of “Deadly Women” by typing simultaneously so I paused it.

Also, I guess I don’t need bulleted points now.  Anyway, I was fatigued from working all day.  As expected.  But I had anticipated and wore flashy sneakers, glitter–who can be tired or unlucky wearing glitter?!  Amd my I am King perfume by some rapper.  All good luck items.  I had no idea I was superstitious.  I went there and set up IMG011camp.  I had arranged my notebook, drawn comparison trees for main points on the various diseases, and most importantly labeled every new section with post-its.  Turns out the last part helped the most, because I could flip directly to the point I needed and check/look up my answers.  I confirmed that it’s the test anxiety that get’s me most times.  I would immediately see the correct answer choice on the majority of questions, but felt so much better to just confirm them in the notes.  The test was a breeze when I could do that just to make certain.  I wish I was more confident WITHOUT the notes.  School would be a whole different thing for me.  And I’m not gonna lie–I was bad and horrible and considered cheating.  I’m certainly not proud of it.  I could find a certain statistic in my notes, and thought I knew the answer, but wanted to make sure, by looking at the wide-internet which was at my easy disposal.  In the end, I decided that I want my grades to be the ones I earned or they would mean nothing.  The temptation was there though.

By the time today’s final rolled around I was pretty checked out.  From my normal at least.  I’d say my regular school effort approaches 110%.  It really is first priority and I spend a disproportionate amount of time studying because getting the 4.0 this time is so imperative to all my other goals.  Well, after Monday’s test, that percentage Janeane Garofalo 2dropped to 87%.  Still above average and pretty good, but my heart wasn’t all in it, and my brain was definitly fatigued.  I did wear overalls and felt adorable in them, even though Stacy and Clinton would not approve of dated trend clothing.  They were good because I could put warm layers under them comfortably, the barely touch me, and they have a lot of pockets.  And because I’m petite, they look less farmer and more, umm I guess cutesy which isn’t that age-appropriate, but hey on finals week, glitter and dated trends are acceptable!  Sidenote:  What the eff–I just spent like a half hour searching for pics of 1990s overalls.  Can’t find the “Friends” cast, no Ellen, no Daphne from “Fraiser.”  What the hell???  Back to the story:  I think I pulled through enough to keep my A in the course though.  I will be utterly disappointed if I did not, and kick myself very hard if the grade dropped as a result of today’s final. . .

It feels funny not to have to make or study flashcards right now.  Or feel guilty because I’m not.  I’m ready for a little regrouping time over break.  My goal is to finish start all the scholarship essays and complete that application.  Also, I want to read and outline the ENTIRE audiometry textbook, and would love to get through the text for my other class.  Clinic-something?  I forgot the name.  And of course, I’ll have to do my taxes and FAFSA which suck, suck, suck.  If there’s time *crosses fingers* I will start woring on my grad school app–CV, essays, a folder for my recommenders, etc. . .

ornery faceLastly, Cool is making me NUTS(~!)  this week.  Who knows what’s going on:  Mania?  Sub-mania?  Medications that usually flatten her are not dulling her real personality?  I’m not certain, but she has zero focus, and is unproductive, and talking about unusual things (fluoridated water is bad because it blocks the pineal gland and disallows the third eye’s chakra potential?!), she’s wiggly, etc. . .  I hope when she sees the doctor tomorrow she gets toned down a bit, but not flat/tired/depressed.  It’s always something with her, it seems.