No! I Will Not Have that Mindset

16 Dec

Of drugery, negativity, guilt, and fear.  I know what I need to do to overcome the stumbling block of procrastination.

Make a list.  Prioritize what is most to least important.  Submitting my school’s thing, just to have a chance is the most important.  Writing in the logistic info will be necessary.  The essays are last.  Finding outside scholarships is last.

Break the task into more managable parts.  Instead of thinking about re-crafting SIX essays plus the regular application info, I’ll rewrite ONE from scratch and see what kind of time I have left.  I do have last year’s essays if I need them.  But maybe there’s time to write the one.

Just start for 10 minutes.  If that’s all I’ve got, I will take a break/re-evaluate.  Most times it’s the starting that’s the hardest part, and I get in the zone and have no trouble.

Knowing I can do this!  I’ve written a thousand essays, and know how to make a good one.  And I’ll either get the money or not, but that’s out of my control.  Trying is the important thing–and sometimes just showing up is enough.  All my burned out classmates are probably going through the same thing, so the applicant pool may just be small enough to get me $$$$$.  My current GPA doesn’t hurt either.

I will do it!


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