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No Guilt

17 Dec

Meh, I should be doing. . .  Reading/outlining of text, scholarship essay and app, CV, letter writers cheat notebook, cleaning, thinking about getting ready for work and going in early.  But I am not–and I am on vacation, so it’s OK.  I can take a break every once in awhile too.

I have to brave pre-holiday WalMart today 😦  WalMart is never awesome, but especially not between HalloweenWal-Mart 1 and Valntine’s Day.  I hope it is not terribly busy and stupid (of course it will be).  I need computer ink and some stocking stuffers for Cool.  I like to buy ALL the school supplies I will need for a semester, b/c once classes start-Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

Cool had taken 3 vacation days (these next 3 days) when we were supposed to go to the lighting ceremony and winter x-mas lightsdog sledding at The German.  I am so mad at her irresponsibility!  I NEED to guide some sled dogs and we have been planning to do it since we moved here.  It’s not that easy to get time off work, and I managed it.  But then she got a really, really dumb speeding ticket, which took all of our trip money and we can’t go this year.  But she didn’t UN-DO the vacation days–which I think is a little wasteful.  Especially since we will want to take a scouting trip to Colorado before we move there. . .  But none-the-less, what’s done is done.  And maybe I still have tomorrow off of work–because I also asked for the day off way back in the spring before my schedule changed.  I’ve heard nothing of it, but I’ll check today.  That would be a cool surprise.  At any rate, work or no, we can still do fun things in the day/evening since Cool doesn’t have to leave in the 3s for swing shift.

That does put a bit of a kink in my productivity.  But I guess I’ll have time to do some things even w/the fun distraction of Cool being home.  And I guess if not, it’s not the end of the world.  I always have more goals then time.  That’s good though.  When you run out of things to do, there’s no hope/life left.  When did my posts become snippets of my internal ramblings and struggles instead of themes and actual topics?  I might go back to a more structured approach, but for now I seem to have things to say.

In other news, I caught up in my music listing.  Now I’m going through and putting best songs on the end of the circle view at Friday Gorgeyear list.  And I’m in second quarter for that–there’s a lot of good stuff.  Unfortunately (for my pruposes) music is more substancial and the average song length has increased to 4 min.  It takes a long time to get through all the songs that way.  It’ll be a surprise which artists appear most often.  I’m getting excited to write all my end of year blogs:  Best music, best moments, resolutions, etc. . .

Well, I’m back to thinking about impending work.

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