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Dealing w/Adversity Essay

18 Dec

So I hated every essay from last year.  I was going to just use them anyway, since this stupid scholarship application has spiraled out of control into a big, monstrous unconquerable task.  And I opened the application (furthest I’ve gotten in the endevor so far) and went to cut & paste last year’s work in there.  HATE!  Couldn’t do it.  I decided I would rather include 6 hastily crafted, yet more relevant pieces of writing.  And it felt good to get a somewhat fresh start on the project.  I decided not to let all my past writings go to waste though.  Why have a blog, where I’m constantly writing if I can never USE the words?  So I looked up key words and actually found some good starting points.  I did three rough drafts this morning, will do the other three tomorrow, then just edit from there.

college what i really do

I feel better.

And for your entertainment–an old junk essay from last year that I’m not using:

3.)  Dealing with adversity: Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to address this challenge. Include whether you turned to anyone in facing that challenge, the role that person played, and what you learned about yourself..

Every little girl wants to be a veterinarian, but for me, it was not a phase.  I volunteered over 6oo hours at my hometown veterinary hospital.  Continuous employment at animal hospitals and a move halfway across the country later my hope of being admitted did not happen.  Between rejections and a dearth of funding when I was finally accepted, my veterinary dream was evasive.

As my dream unraveled, I had two choices:  I could give up and become bitter, or I could analyze what I liked about veterinary medicine along with my own strengths and weaknesses to find a novel career.  I searched for a more suitable vocation.  After much self-analysis, I figured out that the main aspect of veterinary medicine that drew me in was helping the helpless.  At a young age, I assigned myself position of animal advocate so I could provide a voice to those who could not speak for themselves.  I have always been interested in making a difference in the lives of those unable to communicate their own pain, needs, and desires, and I realized the fielddeer 3 of Speech and Hearing Sciences still allows me to do that.

Veterinary medicine readily becomes a childhood dream career, because most children grow up with animals or read about cute critters.  I was able to dig deeper and find a profession where I can utilize my assets and still share my compassion.  It is not in spite of my trajectory through pre-veterinary studies that I have arrived at this new career juncture.  My failures revealed a better option for my aptitudes, provided me with diverse background experiences, and generated the resolve which will allow me to excel in the speech and hearing sciences.