I Just Wanted to Write

21 Dec

I don’t have anything in particular to share–nothing to say.  It just sounded like a cool idea to write tonight.

I’m getting more excited for new years then Christmas.  Honestly, I don’t love how capitalism has taken over chicago zoo lightsChristmas, and I have never really loved the uber-tradtional family-centered holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’VE never had huge family gatherings.  I had to work most of the time on those holidays.  I have been unable to travel to my loved ones the majority of those times.  So it seems somewhat of a let-down.  Not because I don’t make the most out of those holidays, and not because I am particularly disappointed.  It just doesn’t meet the hype, or fall into expectations.

But New Years–I can get on board with that.  And not for drinking/party/social reasons.  I’ve only gone OUT on spikeone New Years Eve/New Years.  And I found that very empty and unworthwhile.  I like the time for reflection and new beginnings.  New Years is a day for assessment and goals.  A day to take it easy and work on myself.  I’m excited for that this year.

But Christmas will be fun.  We’re eating crepes with my Aunt tomorrow (in an effot to take Holiday-Lights-Display-in-a-Garden-JSC3782alcohol out of the equation) then making tid-bits to snack on.  Oh, and hopefully, finding/buying Rusty an oil cap.  We 4×4 around town today, getting lost on the way to sledding.  And Rusty was a trooper, but smelled really hot after such intense driving.  So I thought I would give a drink of oil before heading home.  But because I was in gloves, I dropped the stupid cap somewhere in the hood.  And we couldn’t find it in there because it was getting dark.  Then on the communt home, I heard a clunk, and am pretty sure the dumb cap must have dropped out on the road.

I’m fretting about that.  Will I be able to find the cap?  Will the cap work in between something important withinimages the hood?  Are auto stores open on Sunday?  Does the cap come in a specific size, and will it be easy to obtain?  If I can’t get the cap tomorrow will I be OK to drive to work and home on Monday?  Then of course what happens when everything stops for the Osborne Family Lights (c) disneyholiday and I still don’t have a cap?  On and on–endless worrying.

But the holidays.  Back to those.  It will be nice to have Cool and I both home simultaneously.  That was a weird scene.  We live off a side-street and some flatwheel with x-mas music and a live Santa waving from a-top of a lit float just drove by as if a parade was going on.  And now it’s all dark and quiet again out there.  I have no idea. . .


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