Transformation Count Down: Day 6–Priorities

26 Dec

Day 1: What is most important to me in life? That is, what are my highest priorities?  Have my actions been in alignment with my highest priorities?

I’m always thinking about this one.  And this morning I was productive toward my biggest goals.  I worked on my CV, and I think it’s as far as I can take it with outside help.  When school resumes, I’ll make an appointment to take it to the writing center to get tips and editing.  I also, worked on my six scholarship essays, which I’m happy about the effort put fourth, not necessarily the product.  This weekend I’ll see if my mom will listen to them and help me polish them up a bit–then I’ll just turn in what I have.  They don’t have to be perfect, and my heart isn’t really in it, so I’ll say good is good enough.  For this blog post though, let me outline what my priorities are, and if I feel those are the proper order and if my actions are aligning with them.

And just to confirm–this isn’t a post to replace last year’s goal achievement and next year’s resolutions.  That will be a big, seperate post.  This is more generalized.

Most important to just important:

-Establishing a career and the stability that comes with that

-Settling into a place that I like

-Appreciating my family

Really, I guess that sums up what I want in life.  This year, I have been working to align my actions with my top goals.  Sometimes it works out for me and sometimes I could do a little more.

Smaller actions that get me to the big goals–and am I doing them:

-I think a big action that will help align my intentions and actual output is staying sober.  I have started it and my mind is in a good place to keep at it.  This item alone will help me by leaps and bounds in every other area, and though it isn’t easy to abstain–I feel hopeful and uplifted already.

-re-tool my schedule to make education first (Yes)

-study (Yes)

-work on funding to pay for & allow school and save for moving & grad school (needs work)

**must work on scholarships, which means must volunteer and work on career-oriented extra-curriculars

**must min. spending

**must save more for the move to CO

-do little things for people I care about (needs a lot of work)

**As the last important priority, this one often shifts to the background.  I need to be more effortful and show more gratitude as yesterday’s post reminds me.  Little things day in and day out ought to help.  Small steps like smiling more, making eye contact, saying one nice thing, and letting go of frustration will take this a long way.

So that’s the transfomative blog of the day.  Priorities and how it’s all about the little, repeated actions!

One Response to “Transformation Count Down: Day 6–Priorities”

  1. 2spirals December 26, 2013 at 8:46 AM #

    I think these are good goals and I wish you the best for them all.

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