Transformation: Part 3 All About ME

27 Dec

Day 5: How have a treated myself? That is, my body, mind & spirit.

It’s a funny thing.  My feelings and my actions are a little out of alignment, I suppose.  I love myself.  I probably like myself too much.  Though I can be hard on myself, often I’m not hard enough.  But when asked specifically about my body, mind, and spirit–I don’t really have great answers.  That’s a problem, and I would like to begin addressing it more.

Spiritrainbow 3 (2)

I think my spirit is one of the best things about me.  In a churchy way, my bond with God is unwavering.  In a more genral sense, I feel I am introspective and in touch with me.  I often look inward trying to understand, and always aim to improve things.  And my sense of festivity is always strong.  I love getting into things and do it with whole-heart.  Which makes everything better.  When I get into something, I’m ALL in.


I feed my mind.  Lack of learning isn’t really a problem.  I learn formally in school, encounter practical skills constantly at work, stimulate my mind by reading, and even watch things (documentaries) that engage my mind.  The real trouble is stress/worry/anxiety/determination/discipline.  In those areas, I am unsympathetic thesaruswith myself, and relentlessly persist in berating myself.  It’s a hard habit to break.  But I know I need to.  It doesn’t work out well for me, or for those around me.  And instead of being productive, this renders me. . .  A mess.

What I would like to do, is keep the discipline that leads to work ethic and accomplishment, but release myself from such strict rules that it makes me crazy.  I plan to try a new worry/plan/stress tactic.  Instead of indulging in it all day and all night–I will allow myself exactly 30 min a day.  In that 30 minutes, I can worry, stress out, plan ahead, dwell on things, and formulate plans.  Outside of that–I may not think along those lines.  I tried it yesterday regarding work–it went very well.  I slept better, got up more cheery, and was easier to get along with AT work.  Maybe this is my solution.


Somehow, I don’t treat my physical self very well.  I eat garbage–and too much of it.  Am sedentary.  I overindulge.  Mostly, I’m lazy about grooming.  I rarely fix up my hair or makeup and just about never wear my contacts anymore.  Some would say these behaviors are telling about my inner feelings–the way you treat yourself reflects how you FEEL about yourself.  But I feel OK.  So I want to really step it up in this area and concentrate on my physical self a little.  Not in a superficial beauty/diet industry way, but in a genuine I care richard simmonsabout my overall health way.  Because I do.

It’s so, so, so hard.  But like everything, break an overwhelming task into smaller, more managable steps.  I can wear my contacts at least once a week.  Drink 4 glasses of water before 7:30AM.  Add in produce to my diet, because it’s easier then trying to SUBTRACT things.  And do exercise in my living room while I study or while I de-stress by watching TV.   I don’t have to change everything, just add some good behaviors in.

I think that’s all for today’s transformation.  See you tomorrow!


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