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Transformation Begins to Sound Redundant (last official installment)

30 Dec

I really like the New Year’s season.  I enjoy reflecting and improving–hence all the starry-eyed, introspective blog posts.  There’s just 2 transformative posts left, but one was what are my goals.  I have my last year’s accountability posts, and next year’s new goals.  So those will be another series all their own.  

The aspirations all start to blend together.  And that’s boring for you, but practical for me.  You shouldn’t have TOO much change to contend with or you set yourself up for failure.  Anyway, so here’s the last official post of the Transformation Series:

Day 5: How do my goals and priorities need to change?

The social needs to be elevated a little.  If for no other reason, then my own mental health.  Following through with the thinking of others, volunteering, will make me feel like I contribute something substancial.  Adjusting my attitude and actions in small ways, which will help me FEEL better.  Living with gratitude ought to help the social along.  Physical needs to be less talk/dreams and more action.  And I can do that with a series of SMALL actions, so as not to overwhelm myself.  I need to maintain the mental.  Discipline.

I hope “Transformation” made you think.  Maybe inspired someone.  At least, it inspired me to be a better person.