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2014 goals

1 Jan

This year, 2014, will be a good year!  I think I’m going to focus on really driving home one goal each month of the year.  Then maintaining that, and focusing on the next.  Though I’ll be thinking of all of them the whole time.  For example, In January, I will work to maintain flossing daily, which I worked on in 2013 and I’ll concentrate on ALL the goals, but especially adding exercise and fruit & veg into my life.  Here’s a quick and dirty *read:  blogging distracted while watching a movie* list that I may revamp or add to later:

2013 Goals to Maintain:Tucsan

-study habits

-floss daily

-drink water

-read for pleasure

-weekly massage


Januarycut out

-add in exercise AND produce (subtract bad things)

I chose fitness because it will be all hyped in the world and there will be a lot of motivation and tips available which will help me be successful.


-have gratitude, say nice thingsheart flowers

In the month where the world is focusing on love–so will I.


-straighten out my sleep

This is probably the most important goal, which underlies every other thing, but I strategically placed in mid-semester because I am notoriously low energy and stressed and cabin-fevered during this time.

AprilWelcom to CO sunflower

-min. extraneous spending and save a small amt $ every paycheck for moving to CO

Another strategic placement based on hype.  During tax season, there will be a lot of financial advice and motivation about that I can use to my advantage.



Of course, I want to start this earlier, but I put it right at the beginning of summer so I can really hammer out some good hours all summer.

JuneCool's b-day wknd 005

-Judge Cool less and show her more kindness and love

It’s Coolie-saur’s birthday month!


-Take pride in my appearance:  Wear contacts more, use makeup, wear jewelryWalla Walla 30th 010

Everyone should look spectacular during their birthday month.


-worry only 30 min/day (instead of all day & night) AND think positively for at least 10 min/d

With school re-starting, and a difficult (last) semester along with grad school applications due, plus working and planning to move, there comes pressure.  I need to decrease worry and increase productivity.


 -make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead

I love fall and all the festivities the season brings.  I will be especially important to stick to my health and financial goals.4 yr annv


-Don’t over-pluck eye brows.

I’m actually working on this now, and it seemed fairly superficial of an item to put early in the year to work on for a long time.  But it’s important, so here it is.


-increase eye contact

With holidays approaching and togetherness and thankfulness emphasized, maybe this will be easier.  And my last semester of school will be coming to a close, so I should. . .  I couldn’t find the right phrase, so I’ll leave it hanging for now.


-re-do of weakest goal(s)

Just in case I didn’t do so well on a particular month or months.  Or to work on maintenance if I did awesome on everything.

That’s all for this one.  Tomorrow, I may write about music or maybe I’ll do HOW I plan on accomplishing these resolutions.  I’m in it to win it this year!