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Hesitant to Use the Word “Resolution”

2 Jan

Because I’m serious about turning these dreams into goals, then habit and accomplishments.  This is not some starry-eyed hyped up New Years event.


Here is my PLAN to help me reach my aspirations in this next year:

First, I need a physical reminder of WHAT the goals are.  Because last year, I forgot all about my fitness goals, and subsequently did not do them.  At. All.  Yesterday Cool and I made “Beast Mode,” our health goals and the benefits of achieveing them, poster.  We hung it in the living room right next to the treadmill for reminder and inspiration.  We need to do a financial one and a love one next.  Then I’ll make a study one and a grad app checklist to easily refer to.

To help me have gratitude, think positively every day, and work on my social, I am starting a positivity jar.  I’ll write unexpected gifts, accomplished goals, beauty of nature, lol moments, good memories, blessed happenings on small scraps.  This will make me pay attention to all the good stuff.  And on a bad day, I can read them to remind myself it’s not ALL bad.

To succeed in turning dreams into accomplishments, you need a schedule and a timeline.  I already made my monthly goals to focus in on.  As part of that the day-to-day schedule is important:  Worry only 30 min/day, think of good things or 1 good thing 10 min/day, I need to write a post with a rough timeline before the semester starts back up.  I’ll probably write it today so I can practice it and adjust it for a week before I actually need to use it.

Break the big goals into managable chunks.  Here are the very first steps for each of my 2014 goals:

running 1Exercise:  Right now just get up first thing in the morning, change into running clothes, and treadmill for 1 mile before getting ready for work.  Once I can get ON the treamill consistantly, I can make some time goals.

Eating:  Drink 2 cups of water to take my vitamins (kills 2 birds w/1 stone), make Sela Ward 5certain to drink as much water as possible while I’m at work alone in the early mornings.

Gratitude:  Sit for 10 min and think of everything good, or why 1 thing is awesome for that amount of time.  Then, I can start saying at least 1 nice thing to Cool every day and 1 nice thing to another every day.

Sleep:  Go back to the 4AM and see if exercise and vitamins helps at all.  If it doesn’t (after a real trial) just wake up at 5AM and call it good.  Practice strict wake and sleep times this week, before school starts.

Money:  Save some Christmas money.

Volunteer:  I signed up on Facebook to get volunteer updates for my area, and Cool and I talked about doing star h-aidsome physical work for Habitat for Humanity.  Next, fill out the req. forms.  And later, I need to estabilsh contact with the hearing aid center.

Appearance:  I’m starting to wear earrings daily.  And it’s uncomfortable, so I’m trying Emma Watson darkNeosporin now.  I’ll look into some sort of cleaning solution if the Neosporin doesn’t work.  Maybe contacts on Wednesdays?

Grocery situation:  I wrote down some crock pot recipies/ingredients.  We’ll start going to the Grocery Outlet every Sunday morning.

Eyebrows:  Ugh–I can’t stand it.  But I’m only allowing 20 stray hairs a day to be pulled so I can let them grow in.  I’m telling myself that if I am patient, I might treat myself to a professional shaping to have a good starting point.

Eye contact:  I will try to look people in the eyes at least 5x/d to start.

And the last goal success method:  Write WHY each of these is important to me.  Which will be a future post.