2013 Goal Progress: Education

3 Jan

I indicated yesterday that I would make a rough schedule and post it today for practicing purposes.  I started this morning (after I woke up at 4:AM and treadmilled for 1 mi) but soon realized, I’m missing an important piece.  I have to talk to my professor about my independent study project.  We meet this Tuesday, so I can’t really formulate a plan until I know the parameters of the project.  From my rough calculations, I have to average 3 hours/week working on it.  And I know that no part of it will be on Monday.  So I’ll wrap that post up I guess Tuesday afternoon.  I just wrote all of that, realizing you could probably care less.  These January introspection, transformation posts are primarily for my own evaluation and motivation.  I hope no one mids terribly–because it’s continuing on.

Today, was sort of dedicated to schooling items:  Finished my scholarship application, finally, finally, finally (and thanks to my mom’s awesome editing and support), outlined a lot of Audiometry and began to read & outline Clinical Methods–which by the way looks to be much more work then I had originally anticipated.  I’m trying not to worry these days, and I can only do so much.  So I’m not freaking out.  OK, trying really hard.  Without further adou, my accountability of 2013’s school goals:

Education B

[Oh!  I gave myself progress report letter grades, then wrote exactly what the stated goal, then how I did.]

-I will continue to make this THE priority. As such, I will study when I don’t want to, keep up on reading, notes, and flashcards daily, and give 110%. I did all right! I’m happy with it, but I musn’t become complacent because I did well. This one is so hard to buckle down and do, so I need to work on maintaining it.

-My motto: Just 10 minutes (more). Pick up the studies just for 10, and put it down if it still sucks. When I want to quit in the middle of studying, give just 10 more min. This really helps, and most of the time turns into a longer time. I actually didn’t have to use this as much. For the most part school is just a part of my regular routine. The only time this was used was when I was very tired.

-Combine physical activity with studying whenever possible. I don’t know if this is a “thing” but I seem to retain info better when I study it in motion. Total and utter fail this year. I don’t know why, either. I DO learn better and stay more attentive when moving. The work and class schedule + weather made it more difficlut this year. Perhaps this next semester will be ammenable to combining the 2 again.

-As a side-note, I will MAKE myself overlook crummy professors and bureaucratic nonsense. These things don’t matter to my life and only make me stressed out. C+. I fixated on this waaay less. Though this, I missed lunch treatment got to me more then I like. And this grading unfairness. But much less. And I hardly e-mailed or talked to them at all, which works out better for me mostly.

keystone--closed lifts

The plan is to keep this aspect up, because I feel really good about it–and very proud of the results.  AND I’m almost finished, and this 4.0 is my ticket out of HERE and up in life.

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