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2013 Goals: Time

5 Jan

I am thinking about this a lot lately.  I have a lot of things I’d like to finish before the semster starts up and my life is again consumed with work and school.  But I am beginning to wonder if I have some sort of condition.  I have this persistant, unexplained fatigue.  I don’t know when it started, or if it as an accumulation of other factors, or time-management.  I just know it’s debilitating in that I have found it uncharacteristically difficult to drag myself around to get anything done.  I am taking steps (as of 1/2/14) to iron out the problems:  Consistant waking time, daily treadmill, vitamins, produce and water in my diet, etc. . .  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Meanwhile, because of said tiredness, and also being behind in accountability posting, here’s a draft I already wrote:

Boise--May 2013 062

Time D

The very most difficult thing to do, because it’s constant and matters on a daily basis. Also, the most important factor in success.

-Everything is just a small fraction of time–remember that. Sometimes I forgot. Being tired made me forget this one. Apparently, I need to fix my energy next year, because a lot of these goals are ill-achieved because of fatigue.

-Get up at 4 AM. Study a little school, and get to work early. I did this. I’m not sure if I like it though. I AM better in the mornings, and work goes a LOT better the earlier I arrive. But maybe it makes me too tired for the rest of the day and also makes me go to bed so early. And because of light and noise, I never nap well at all. I’ll have to mull this one over and see if there’s a better way.

-Walk/study at least 3x/wk. Oh boy did I fail. I did not walk. I need to.

-Go to bed early, after reading for pleasure at least a tiny bit. I managed this! And it was terribly nice to read a non-textbook/non-notecard/flashcard. Since break began, I’ve fallen off this a little, but I’m going to resume as soon as my schedule is set.

PS–where did the “Related Posts” option go when I write or edit a post?  It just disappeared and finding it has been impossible.  Please help me re-establish that plugin.

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