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Goals: Exercise

6 Jan

Today was the 5th day of 2014 that I woke up before the crack of dawn and completed a mile on the treadmill before proceeding with my day.  I don’t know if I feel any better, but getting up there is getting slightly easier.  Slightly.  And I’m already doing better than last year.  Because I’m doing this in winter.  And on work days.  I’ll keep at it, and maybe feel less fatigued. . .  But as for last year–here’s the sub-par:

Exercise F

-Keep running at all-weather track multiple times a week. Keep working toward mile goal and all shorter distance goals in order to get there. I’m a fair-weather runner. I did great from May through August. Then it was all fails. And I didn’t get on the treadmill or Wii-Fit or cirsuit either.

-Park further away. Did it. At school at least–at work it’s a safety issues because I get to work before sunrise every day, and we area near a park, section 8 housing, and a couple of beer/cig stores and bars.

-Find a way to renew Wii-Fit interest or do a in-house workout for winter. Stick to this even when I’m tired. Maybe an unrealistic goal? Certainly one I forgot about. I need to figure out how to better attack my fitness goals next year.

Not that awesome (when the weather dipped below 60).  But this year, I have renewed motivation, and a real reason to persist in fitness–I want my energy back!

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