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Goals: Work

7 Jan

By Tuesday, I feel immersed in work.  Just because Mondays are long and busy and Wednesday I still have to go back before dawn.  But, as you’ll soon see, things are exponentially better for me.  In honor of the work feeling. . .  A post about.  Work!

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Work B+

-Do my job the way I always do with much care and great work-ethic. BUT if it’s something extra, and that thing is unappreciated–stop doing it. I’m not going for martyrdom here–and these things add up and make me extremely bitter. At work this last, I scaled way back. To do this, I had to change my whole mentality and face guilt and the scrutiny of others. I think, in the end this was one of the most difficult things to actually do–because  it involved others, and because work underlies my finances. I do feel I eventually succeeded in letting go of maryterdom, competitiveness, guilt, and loyalty for the better good–furthering MY current goals. And it feels great!  Mostly.  Sometimes the guilt creeps back in.  Especially when people AT work make little comments or have certain expectations.  Oh.  Well.

-Secondly, if I do have a legit concern, I need to bring it up to the person who has power to change it. Immediately, and in an unemotional well-thought manner. No more suffering and marinating on hostilities in (relative) silence. No more keeping inside until it bursts out inappropriately. This one–the social aspect at work, was not so easy. I didn’t want to deal and others at my work don’t deal well with conflict either–making this one a toughey. I think rather then wasting a lot of time trying to tame this one, I instead, just need to ride everything out with neutrality. I have to get through two years max–hopefully less.

-Third, and maybe most importantly–just work the minimal hours to pay my bills. No more, because it hurts me inside. True story. A+ on this goal! And it is true too. I am so, so, so much happier and calm with my new hours. Even if my income takes a substancial hit, it is still well worth it.

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Wow–look at these pics!  The first is my very first day of  (paid) work ever.  It was 2000, and I was 16 years old.  Then, the progression through the years, at various jobs.  The last was taken at 27 or 28?  It’s a little dated now, but what a huge difference!  I should take a camera to work one of these days to get a more recent pic.

I have come such a long way in this one.  As much as I love (ed?) veterinary hospitals, they will eat you up and burn you out if you let them.  I’m a different person alltogether–work would probably say for the worse.  But I no longer have to live for THEM.  And I’m really glad for that.

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