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Goals 2013: Food & Drink

8 Jan

Today, I felt like a person for the first time in a long time!

I didn’t feel overwhelming fatigue at ANY point during the day.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  It sure was nice though.  And I don’t know what factor(s) made the day better, what might have been wrong, and if it’s gone forever or just at bay today.

Last night I read in bed from 6:45PM-7:30PM.  Then slept (mostly) until 4AM.  I work up and ran a 12 (11.5, but who’s counting) minute mile on the treadmill.  Then, I took vitamins/Minerals/supplements:  B, C, Ca, D, Fe, K, multi and ginsing.  I think that’s all of them anyway.  With about 16oz water.  I ate a wheat bagel with peanut butter (for protein in case I’m having blood sugar issues) then I went to work, shoveled a small amount of snow, and cleaned, polishing 2 thermos-fulls more of water.  I had an apple when I got home at 10:30AM.  I had my first 6oz of coffee of the day at 2:30PM.

There are so many variables that I’m not sure what (if anything) worked to help me feel better.  But in honor of such a seemingly healthy day, here’s what my diet used to look like (before 7 days ago, that is):

Summer Begins 2013 077

Food D+

-Get to Costco seasonally. Did it! It went well, too. It sure helps to get all toiletries for a whole semester so I don’t have to think about during school/work.

-Go to Grocery Outlet every other Sunday morning. Stop going to Safeway all-together. C+. We did limit Safeway a lot, but it’s still difficult b/c it’s the closest store to the apartment. And we SHOULD go to Grocery Outlet every Sunday, but I really do hate leaving my PJs. So even through it’s ghetto, I think I’m goning to be better for this one next year–by going IN my PJs, sans shower. I’ll blend right in, and get it done!

-Get in the kitchen and fix something daily. Even on work days when I’m exhausted. Even on test days when I need to study. Most people cook 2-3 meals a day–I can prepare at least one. Why should this be so hard? Whatever the reason, I find it almost impossible. I think this next year, I’ll try to cook ahead on the weekends, then just eat the leftovers on week days when I’m so tired.

-Get back to cooking something interesting on weekends. It’s one of our best date activities and we love it. Also, it saves money. Hit or miss. When we did this, it was fun. Many times we forgot, weren’t prepared with plannin. I guess the solution is to sit down and write a menu, grocery list, and stock the kitchen prior to the cooking.

-Continue to watch calories, but start to manipulate them–not just observe. This year, I had a hard time just keeping track of the calories. I need to fix the tiredness, and maybe this one will easilt straighten out.

DrinkWalla Faces tasting

-Drink more water. I really worked on this. I went from negative to hydration to at least even on most days. And some days I even got as many as 4 glasses in. I want to continue to plug along at this next year.

-Exercise/study/do art replace these behaviors by doing things that I like. Didn’t really do it, but still want to. I guess I did begin writing more again, but I want to get back into creative endevors.

-Get Cool to be more supportive. Check. Now, just to remind her.

-Mind the calories. F.

-Latest possible in the day, because it helps reduce the amount. I couldn’t really stick to any of this like I wanted to. It’s for the best that I have stopped all-together.

-Change my thoughts and erase these routines. This is a slow process, but I’m proud of the work I’ve done so far. Though I sometimes want to drink when I see it on a show or it pops up on Pinterest, I don’t see certain times on the clock or days and think of it like I had been.

-Read about this. Mostly this just served to make me MORE paranoid and scare myself more then I already was.

-Look at the above goals, and remember NOT sticking to this one negates any progress on the others. I realized this one big time. It’s just not worth it to ruin everything else I work so hard for by drinking it away.

Last year–not so good.  But just trying to regain my energy has already motivated me this year.  I just hope I can make everything a routine and have a chance of sticking with it.  Today, and not being incapacitated by wear and tiredness felt really great and I can see it would increase my productivity and decrease strain 10-fold.  Life is so much easier when you’re not DRAGGING through it!  Here’s to another good tomorrow.

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