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Everyone Needs a Little Grandma Reathel

9 Jan

I wanted to finish up my 2013 goal accountability postings, of which I have 2 more.  I decided that you, my readers, may need a little break from that.  So though I’m compelled to get through 2013 items, I’ll deviate slightly.  Don’t say I never did anything for you, dear readers 😉

This is sort of a Christmas-y post, actually.  I just didn’t post it in time, then it seemed out-of-season.  My mom Laurel's pics 193resumed the advent calender tradition.  My Grandma Reathel always sent me an advent calender to count down the December days.  It wasn’t necessarily the gift that made this so special–it was the fact that my grandma was thinking about me.  Even on non-holidays.  ANYbody’s grandma can think about them on Chrsitmas.  And birthdays.  But MINE thought of me in November.  And on weekends.  That’s special.

Laurel's pics 619Grandma Reathel had a talent for making people feel special.  Her regular correspondance, phone calls, visits, and kind words made everyone around her feel important and thought of.  It’s something I am currently terrible at, but that I aspire to.  Many people in my grandma’s life knew they were important to her.  I knew I was MOST important.  No one can ever take that away from me.

So when my mom mailed the calenders, it was a very special moment.  It conjured Grandma Reathel and let her be a big part of my holidat season.  I always lovingly remember her, but it was as if my mom had mailed a piece of her to me.  And it proved how much my mom and my relationship has mended.

I would say this post is indirectly transformation.  Sentimental transformation.

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