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Goals: Money

10 Jan

Money C-

-Save a little every month. Even if it’s only $5. Because that will add up and help for the big move to Colorado. Oh no. I think I forgot to write this down. So I did not do it at all. I DID pay off my entire Care Credit, which freed up a huge chunk. So next year, I not only need to squirrel away a few $ each paycheck, but write down all the goals so I can see and refer to them.

-Trudge through the undergrad loan forbearance procedures even though they are super-tedious and repetitive and stupid. THIS is what really allows me to work part-time. I attempted this. Unfortunaely, because of the length of time I’ve been an of school, this is no longer an option for me. 😦

-This also comes under food, but be smart about groceries in order to minimize food expenditures Which, unfortunately, were my #1 expense in 2012. My bank changed the website, so I’m not sure how my expenses fall into the pie chart anymore. I think I improved from 2012, but I have more work to do in this area. Not drinking helps, because now I’m trying to avoid any place that tempts me, which is pretty much every restaurant. So I guess that fixes that.

-2013 is all about living like a pioneer–simplify and appreciate the small things. Enjoy free fun. C. We went back and forth on this. Sometimes we remembered, sometimes we spent too much on entertainment. We did do a spa wekend and in-apartment camp out, which were both awesome and historic. But we also failed many times. I wrote many physical posters reminding us of free fun we like, so that will set us up for success in 2014.

-No concerts in 2013. None. We can listen to music at home, watch DVD concerts, and appreciate music on Spotify. OK, not a practical goal for us. That shows me an important lesson for goals–they can’t be completely outside personality/current behaviors. Concerts are our favorite! We especially live for Labor Dave Weekend, which was the highlight of last year. We will just make sure not to spend too much traveling to the event, I think. But concerts are special and hardly come to town anyway.

-No travel either. OK, that hurts too much and takes everything good out of this small life. Minimize travel and look at keeping expenses low. We didn’t make it to the German at all, and that was awful. I’m not sure it was worth it to miss out. We did do Walla Walla, and HAD to pick up Goose in Boise. But I think each of those were important trips. I think this goal needs re-tooled next year.

Boise--May 2013 087

I have many money-saving ideas for 2014, and a utilities/winterizing post so I’ll save it for later.

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