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Goals: Love

11 Jan

Love D-, probably F, but that looks too horrible to write

-Remember that it’s not my job to be responsible for Cool. I can love and support, and make sure things don’t end up affecting ME–but I can’t do everything for her. This year, as long as I am still OK, I will let her fail. Though, I will continue to talk up the calender method of organization. Fail. I just don’t have it in me to ignore problems, watch someone I care about make poor choices, or disengauge someone I love. I was all up in Cool’s grill, helping, being frustrated, wading through bipolar and childhood issues. Maybe that’s just a part of us. I have pressured Cool to really make an effort to get her $hit together and conveyed it’s not my job to always be responsible. This one, now, is more of Cool’s resolution then my own.

-On a lighter note, I will remember to do nice things often for Cool. Just because. Fail. Because I go from picking up pieces, to reminding, to feeling resentful and frustrated–the little things tend to slip. This next year, I would like to do at least one positive relationship thing daily. I’ll make this into a less overwheling task by breaking it into smaller pieces.

-Appreciate at least one thing daily. Fail, and it goes on the list for next year. I’ll have to spell out a more detailed plan to accomplish it.

-Get back to weekly massage. B- We did remember and actually rub sometimes. And it was wonderful when we did accomplish it. I think we need to work a little longer to get this into our normal routine though.

-Get back to more frequent cooking. Fail cubed. I just really don’t make this a priority with work and school making me so tired and stressed. This next year, I’m going to plan NOTHING on Sundays. Maybe we can do a weekly cooking then.

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