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Interruption: Riverpoint First Days Never Disappoint

14 Jan

You know I have to cut into the resolution-transformation month of posts to talk of my first day of school.  See previous most for all my struglasarus.  Take-home fact:  I’m ALWAYS out of the loop. I don’t really have a bunch of friends from class I’m always keeping in touch with–and the campus is disorganized and uncommunicative. As you’ve previously seen.

For the last 3-4 (?) semesters they have not posted room assignments anywhere online, instead opting to post a physical poster in the student center on the first day of school. I hate this! Because I am leaving work to go to class, and I don’t know where I’m going or how much time to allot. And in the Fall, I didn’t know where to find my classrooms, so I went to the help desk and they were all snarky, like Dud it’s ALWAYS posted over there! So this semester I was ready for that.

Of course busy Monday work made me leave late. And surprise! Only Fall 2013 WSU and Spring for EWU was posted. Where are MY classes? I can’t win. So I went to the help desk, wondering how the rest of my classmates always know things that I don’t. . . I gave the course numbers and she said my class was unassigned. Whatever that means. So she had to go to some supervisior-type important person. They looked, and looked, asked me what times my classes were and things. I was getting super-stressed and my lateness phobia was really kicking in. This was taking a long time. She asked my student number–which I have not memorized (need to do that!) then if I was an Eastern student. I was so agitated, I said, “No, Western.” Which is not a thing. And stupid. Anyway, it took a full 9 min for them to find my locations, and I was 1 min ahead of class start.

So first day, per the usual, did not run smoothly. Late and lost. Oh, and the teacher (my former advisor) told the class that we would not make good clinicians UNTIL we had our first child. I thought–Oh boy!  Note: Even in Missouri I never encountered that–at least not as an announcement. They took that knowledge for granted and it was implicit 😉 What the hell?!  And she added those with a 4.0 weren’t good in clinics either. You can’t get into grad school without the 4.0, but you’ll be $hitty in the profession if you DO have one–catch-22.  So awesome a mentality! Such a great start!

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