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WA is Foggy (Again/Still)

16 Jan

But my mood no longer is.

I felt good today. No worrying/stress!!! It may be because of the work I did yesterday, my great night’s sleep, or my vigorous treadmill workout of this morning. Whatever it is, it feels EXCEPTIONAL!

What’s this treadmill workout I mention? Well, since I didn’t have to be at work early, I could afford to do more VBthen sprint as fast as my legs can carry me in order to finish the mile as fast as possible to get ready. Instead, I put the t-mill on a small incline and slow speed. Then, I did volleyball-style grapevine sidesteps. English: I stood sideways on the t-mill, placing one hand on the motherboard to stabilize/balance myself. Then I stepped left, crossed my reg foot front, stepped left, crossed the right foot behind. I did this for 2 min on each leg and it KILLED and made the time fly!

I tried walking backwards for awhile, but wasn’t certain that it did much, so I switched to hills. In high school track, they used to make us run up the steep hill along side of the bleachers. First they’d make us run up without uphill battlearms, and jog down a few times to show us the importance of running with arms. Then, we would run up the hill using arms, and jog down, trying to maintain our first times. It sucked then, it was helpful now.

I simulated that by putting the t-mill on 15 incline (steep) and slow pace 3.2 and running 1 min (ensure good, tall form) with hands above my head. Then, I did the same settings, but really powering with my arms. I use my arms, but not to full benefit–and this reminded me how important they are for propulsion and energy efficiency.

The 24 min flew by and I burned about twice as many calories as running a normal 9-11 min/mi.  The sad part Victoria's Secret Angels Visit SoulCycleis, then I was starving for pretty much the entire day.  Cool made chef/waldorf salads and I ate a lot of that.  Then I had mac & chee w/peppers for lunch–have you ever looked at how many cals Kraftis worth?  Sit down before you do.  Actually, you’d better do burpees while you do–it’s a LOT.  Like the whole day’s worth.  Then I ate some Phish Food, and even through it was frozen yogurt, it was still 400+ cals–which I say I might as well have had 40 more cals and eaten REAL ice cream. . .  And now, I am debating Triscuits, which are a choking hazzard alone, so i’d have to dip them.  And any good dip is calorie-laden.  Well, it seems unfair.  But at least I have the metabolism (for now) of a hummingbird.

On the track (pun intended) of math, I found this calculation for figuring PERSONALIZED calories. I’m not sure where it’s from, but it’s at least a good starting guideline (based on your own BMI, age, and fitness level) if you have no clue:

–>weight in pounds divided by 2.2 = weight in Kg

Exp:  110 lb/2.2 = 50 Kg

–>height in inches times 2.54 = height in cm

Exp:  5’2″ = 62″ * 2.54 = 157.48 cm

–>BMR (don’t ask, I’m not sure now):  655.1 + (9.563 * weight) + (1.850 * height) – (4.676 * age)

Sidenote A:  The random numbers above are constants everyone needs to use–no I couldn’t tell you how to arrive at them.  It’s fancy-math.

Struggle-saver:  I don’t mean to talk down to you, but remember to work w/in the (the multiplication in this case) first, then go back and + & – as necessary.

Exp:  655.1 + (9.563 * 50) + (1.850 * 157.48) – (4.676 * 30) = BMR of 1284.31

sidenote:  no WONDER not that many people understand input/output and calories–you have to be a daned mathematician!

–>You can take this BMR number and look online for several charts based on activity level.

Exp:  If I’m sedentary, I can eat 1241 cal.

Exp 2:  If I do 6 days of activity, I eat 1466-1690 calories (depending on vigor of the activity)

sidenote 2:  Today, my body is telling me my activity’s vigor was very high as I will exceed my average cals by 200-400.

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