Who Have I Become?

19 Jan

-running a mile before 5AM EVERY morning.Jackie Warner 1
-taking vitamins/minerals/supplements–daily

-no alcohol
-eating fruits &/ veg daily

-drinking 4 cups water–every dayLL's 28th birth-month 076

-sleeping 8.5-9 hours. NIGHTLY
-not indulging in worry

-before sleep, thinking of everything I’m grateful for
-cutting out caffeine


-BUT you know I am not a machine, because I am still eating ice cream regularly, and I absolutely REFUSE to greekever, ever ditch any food group.  I will never be a person to cut out carbs.  And I won’t go vegitarian.  Not will I do Paleo, or any other silly, restrictive diet that is impractible and sets people up for failure.  I just look at calories in vs. calories out.  And if I want a treat, I either exercise more or pay attention to portion size.

And I feel great!

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