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And the Cause of My Fatigue Is. . .

24 Jan

Coffee. The caffeine in it more specifically.

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I didn’t know which factor in my new lifestyle had made me feel better, so I attempted to repeat EVERYthing from the day I finally felt good. Including nixing my daily cup(s) of coffee. Then, today I suddenly had 12oz of coffee–and I feel that relentless, overwhelming fatigue.

Here’s why [A]:
coffee teddy-caffeine is a stimulant. It releases adrenaline from adrenal glands which then gives you an artificial energy boost. But your neurons can only fire so much before getting exhausted so it sets you up for a big crash. And it’s an additive effect, which is why people get tolerant to caffeine and need more and more coffee to feel the same energy.

-This is the most interesting point I found:  It dampens insulin sensitivity. So the body coffee elephantwon’t recognize sugar in the bloodstream to utilize for energy production.  Which makes sense to me.  I thought maybe I had gone diabetic.  Becuase I knew the fatigue I felt wasn’t the same as a hypoglycemic crash, but it felt related.  And symptoms were somewhat relieved immediately after exercise or after I ate an apple.  [1, 2,  ]

coffee bear-It contributes to anxiety and also disrupts sleep. Which can also add up to tossing and turning and ruin the next day.  I should have listed this toward the beginning, because it’s obvious.

-Caffeine is dehydrating. So the same factors that make you feel so scummy with a coffee celestalhangover are at work with too much coffee. When your cells are all shriveled up, you feel tired and listless.




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Coffee is one of my favorite things, and the one item I consumed every, single day for the last 2 years.  Maybe 3–I know that because the Lose-It calorie site tracks that.  And I was very against giving it up.  What would I drink if BOTH my favorite beverages were out of play?!  But once I didn’t have time in my morning routine for it anymore, I felt loads better!  And yesterday when I had it–I felt miserable.  And my sleep was light, restless, and terrible last night.  So I guess it will be a special treat only and in very small quantities.  Goodbye, morning coffee.


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