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I Got Nothin’

26 Jan

I am too tired and distracted to write a proper post. BUT I don’t want to break the chain. I’ve posted every day this month and only have a week left. So here’s a quick list of randoms:

*usually I make list with a dash, but I thought as asterisk was more festive.
* We went snowboarding again today–Cool did AWESOME.
*I fell on my butt so hard it made me see stars and I thought I might puke–all in a day’s work.
*Helmets should be mandatory.
*When a pass says rental all-inclusive–helmets should be a part of that.
*Helmets should not be an additional $8 to rent outside of a package deal.
*TMI warning: If you get a big, tender red zit–you ought to be able to relieve the pressure. It’s not fair if you can’t pick at it. . .
*Superbowl is an alcohol-centric event, and I hate that.
*I feel it’s a great omen that my current state and future state are playing–and it would be a sign if Broncos won.
*I really don’t follow FB, because I feel like it takes funds/fans from other sports, and women’s sports.
*I decided DMB’s Warehouse (exclusive fan/membership club) is kind of a rip-off. You don’t get much for the $35.
*It’s disappointing though because that’s one of the only ways to win a meet & greet w/the band.
*My Dad got a new hearing aid–on his own accord.
*It’s the mini-RITE and my Dad loves it because he’s addicted to everything digital–I think he’ll LOVE it!
*I am so excited and jealous for my parents’ vacation: A trip to every tribe in MT and visit to Wounded Knee and all that historical stuff in the Dakotas.
*I can’t wait to see the trinkets my mom gets from said vacation: 1 item from every tribe.
*There were a lot of tiny-tot kids on the slopes today, and it’s adorable to see little ones ski/board like pros.
*I feel tired and behind if I don’t get to sit in my jammies, in my house, for a majority of one weekend day.

On that note, I think that’s good enough for today. I’ll try to write actual-posts tomorrow!