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Mental Weakness

28 Jan

That title makes it sound a lot worse then it is.  But mental strength and “heart” are the keys to success.  And the big goals are accomplished by doing the little steps repeatedly.  And I only sort of am.  I need to really gear up if I’m to keep on the right track.  I need to remember my motivating factors, then dig in and get it done!

Wetterhorn Peak

Treadmill.  I have officially run 1 mile first thing in the morning every day for 27 days in a row now!  But that’s not enough.  This morning I intended on increasing my speed every min for 1 mile distance.  BUT when I got to 0.7 miles, I felt tired (was not mentally strong) and slowed my pace back down to 5.5 speed.  Then I was mad and regretful with myself because I knew I could have done it–I had more in the tank when I finished.

With school, I have been making the new flashcards and study sheets, but I have not devoted more then an hour a week (if that) to outlining the last 2 partial chapters in the textbook, and I’ve barely studied my aids at all.

So today!  I am going to eff around on the internet just a bit longer so I won’t feel distracted.  Then, I will buckle down and hot my books hard.  Break the studying into manageable chunks, do just 10 more min when I want to stop, and use my mental strength and whole heart to catch up, study up, and even get ahead.  And tomorrow, I’m going to focus my mind on that treadmill and finish out my running intention, no matter how tired my mind tells me I am.

Oh, and I will post some sort of motivational quote on my Facebook so I will see it–with a picture of Colorado to remind me where I want to go.

Steamboat Springs starry sky


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