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How Did I Get into this HOLE?

11 Feb

-Taking 2 Sundays to snowboard may have contributed–and the trip to the emergency room certainly didn’t help.

-Superbowl further derailed me (just a little)

-PS–even though I’m really sad to be missing out on the entire Olympics (no cable/satellite/channels) I’m glad that’s not a factor right now too.  But I wouldn’t mind the ability to DVR it for later!

-So having somewhat of a life, for 1 day a week, only briefly really ended up killing me.  Which sucks.

-Then work stress made me focus elsewhere when I should have been doing the little bit of catch-up I needed to do.

-And sleeplessness from work stress didn’t help the next day be productive.

-Then the life-altering decision took up every last second.  Every last one.  Which is unfortunate during school–especially when it directly pertained to school = ironic.

-Then the sleeplessness from nervousness about going ahead with the plan didn’t help my studies.

-Add in unclear test material:  We skipped ahead, went backward, then started covering the NEXT exam’s material.

-So now the stress has waned somewhat, but I still don’t have a lot of time.  And the time I DO have is spent trying to figure out what I NEED to study–not actual studying.  Add to that I’m really tired.

And there you have it = I’m discouraged.  Which is no way to succeed.  Or to try to learn things.  I feel exam 1 is already lost with no hope of learning everything (or een knowing what “everything” is) by Thursday.  I guess I’ll study what I do know is on the exam super-hard and just forget about the rest and hope my reading/note-taking/previous classes can carry me through.  I’m pretty certain that I’ll have to be struggling to make up for a poor exam grade though.  And nobody likes that story.

OK abrupt ending b/c I have to sleep immediately.  So tonight–it’s operation go to bed early so I can at least wake up refreshed to give it my all tomorrow!

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