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February: Upheaval for Goal Progress

28 Feb

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily = did it!  EVERY day of Feb.  A dental appt is out now that I have limited income though 😦  –>So in March it’s operation thorough job.

-drink water = a minimum of 4 cups daily.  And I even had 8 cups on some days.  Some of that was because of my recent sweet tooth or carbo overload.  One thing at a time.  Water is going better.  It’s my primary beverage now (I had 10 oz of coffee ALL month, and usually in 2 oz allotments!).  –>6 min in March.

coffee elephant

-read for pleasure = on school nights I did this.  AND I finally finished the hefty AIDS book I’ve been reading since school began in late August!!!  –>I’m happy to say I started a book about Native American women.  Two passions of mine.  Just in time for Women’s month of March.

-weekly massage = I think we did it.  Maybe we skipped 1 or 2?  –>Now that I get a true weekend (YAY!) I’m certain we’ll be waaay more awesome at this.

-abstain from drinking = done.  It’s been since November now, and I feel really good about this.  My new healthy attitude feels outstanding!  I LIKE being healthy–who knew?!  –>In March, let it be known that health is IN and vices (except food ones, obviously) are OUT.

-study habits = I made the BIG changes to really make this happen because it is so important to me.  This was a primary reason (out of many) that I resigned from veterinary work.  –>I plan on keeping up, doing extra, and getting ahead.  I’m giving it 110% in March!

January=fitness = Let’s see, today was day 58 of doing at least 1 mile on the treadmill first thing in the morning.  Brandi and DaveAnd this week, since now I’ll be more sedentary (and Cool always was) we added a 2nd mile.  I am sore–I feel muscular, strong, healthy, and Cool says I’m thin like “paper.”  Food is my downfall though.  I forgot to have a daily apple for much of the month, buying Labor Dave tickets meant no groceries for a week and a half, and finishing work left little time to cook what we could scrape from the back of cupboards and the bottom of the freezer.  –>Now that I don’t work, we’ll get back to adding daily produce.  But tonight–it’s ice cream for dinner to celebrate a non-Forster Friday, and my first true, non-traded weekend in a long, long time.  Life is good.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things = In February, I worked on saying nice things to ME.  I’ve been hard on myself and as such had been berating more than supporting my efforts.  Also, being finished with work will help with this.  And lastly, as I lay awake in bed, I try to list everything I’m thankful for in an effort to sleep.  –>In March I’ll work on finding more for my positivity jar.

March=straighten out sleep =  Despite having consistent sleep and wake times, an alloted 9 hours of rest, and good sleep hygiene–this is a stubborn one.  I thought this problem would go away without work stress.  Not so.  I thought cutting off liquids at noon would help.  I wake up whether or not I have to pee.  Taking Meletonin prior to bed also does little to help.  Cool gets home at midnight at midnight, which is disruptive, but I’ll then be awake for 1, 2, or even 3 hours after she gets home.  I read maybe a certain organ (gallbladder, liver) or hormone is involved if you’re wakeful at specific times consistently.  I don’t know, but this is a major bummer.  –>Research what else I can do to remain/get back to sleep.

April=save $$$.  Fail.  I stopped working.  Yet it was time to buy Labor Dave Weekend (and Brandi Carlile!!!) seats as we had been planning for so long.  So this is not a good scene, but I can’t let fear drive me any longer.  I have to align my actions with my goals, and the finances will just have to tighten up to accommodate that.  –>Minimize expenses.  Donate plasma for $$,really hype my tutoring, and +/- sell unused items on Craigslist.

May=volunteer.  Well, I haven’t actually volunteered yet.  BUT–I signed up for one in April, have intention to do Habitat for Humanity when the weather improves, and I let my advisor know I’m available–and she signed me up for a project in mid-March.

June=Cool.  February was such a blur, I’m not sure how this went down.  I know I am super-supportive of Snowboard Emx 2014 013Cool’s treadmilling.  I always cheer her and coach her an also mention how her legs are so toned now.  As with everything else, not working (and carrying around the stress of work) will help in this area.  –>Say 3 nice things every day to Cool.

July=my appearance.  I made an effort my last weeks of work!  I got out all my favorite scrubs, matched them up really nice, and even had shoes and undershirts that went with the look of the day.  I also wore makeup and fixed my hair.  No one offered any complements, but I felt good–and it just reaffirmed I was making the right decision about leaving.  –>Try to wear a new outfit each day, things I haven’t worn in awhile, and accessories.  This will give me style and make me feel like I’ve gone on a shopping spree (without spending a cent).

last wk Frb 2014 006

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.  After the mid-month panic and difficult decisions and talks were finished, I managed to be calm.  Even with pending exams.  Even despite financial unknowns.  Good job to me.  I knew my decision was the right one because I felt SO calm about it.  –>Now that things are more settled, resume worry max 30 min a day.

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.  Sucked.  This did not happen in any way.  –> But in March I have big plans to stick to this hard-core.

Oct=don’t over-pluck.  I hate this!  I didn’t really pluck, but was self-conscious about my brows every day.  I wanted to pluck in a big way.  I still don’t know how to manage these things.  –>Look up eyebrow management.

Nov=Increase eye contact.  Ummm, I don’t know actually.  I feel like I should and that I tried especially during all the big, serious work talks.  But maybe I was too nervous/emotional to actually do it.  –>Maybe just start by looking at faces.  Start slow.

last wk Frb 2014 014

So going into March it’s all relief, happiness, and hope.  I feel good about life and think I’m making a lot of progress aligning my actions and goals!

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