An Under-Rated Holiday: Women’s Day

8 Mar

Happy Women’s Day!  Did you even know there WAS such a thing?  I like everything this day stands for and try to at least think about it every year.  And so should you.

Mother Jones

I wanted to write a thoughtful post about the history, the struggles, and the future of the women’s movement and feminism in general.  Alas, I am busy being a feminist and pursuing higher education so I can one day use my clinical doctorate to make a difference in the world.  If my to-do list is on-track, I may post a synopsis of some of the Native American women I’ve been reading about, later on today.

I also wanted to have a women’s day project of some sort:  Write a letter to a politician, volunteer for a female-related cause, DO something to further the cause of the forgotten gender.  Maybe tomorrow (today now) I can take some time from audiometry, grad school application procedures, and house-sitting and do something like that.

Sally Ride

What I can do (quickly) is suggest some reading you, my dear-readers, should follow up on to get educated/motivated:

Egalia’s Daughters

The Red Tent

The Triangle Fire

The Beauty Myth


and right now before bed I’m reading Wise Women:  The Forgotten World of Native American Women Trailblazers (or something to that effect).

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