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Legit Tutor–Hold the Stigma

12 Mar

CV 11I made an appointment with my advisor (about a month ago now?) to work on my curriculum vitae (CV).  I had no idea where to start, as I’d always worked with a resume–and veterinary applications had their own forms.  Anyway, I quickly found out that I don’t have a heck of a lot to write on my CV–given my huge amount of veterinary-oriented activities in my past/present.  Which I can hardly use for the academic-centered document.

Anyway, so my advisor and I were trying to devise a way to flesh out my CV, because it IS early enough that I can do things now to improve my situation.  Which was a partial factor in quitting my job.  I need Speech & Hearing Sciences, no more veterinary.  A relatively quick way to put something in there is to teach others.  I have taught clogging dance, done private dance lessons, and “tutored” privately for cheerleading, but none of those things count either–I need something completely academic.  But the schools are pretty hard-core here so you can’t just be a classroom helper or something without formal documents, a lot of hoop-jumping, and some investments.  But I CAN tutor within my program.  Which my advisor, my mom, and Cool thought I would be excellent at.

So I got a faculty recommendation, talked to the academic coordinator, signed all the employment papers with Riverpoint’s HR department, and had some (FREE) tutoring business cards printed up.  I have never been SO paranoid about a possible mis-spelling.  I am scared someone will take a business card and be like–you totally spelled cougar/tutoring/Washington/*insert any word on the card* wrong!  Not an awesome prospect for someone who’s supposed to be able to help others with school!

I am all about helping others.  I HATE the competitive nature of some students/programs, and want a more collaborative feeling.  Because–I was tutored in chemistry and physics during undergrad and for my first Chem lab-not mineRiverpoint course, Speech-Sound Disorders.  And it proved invaluable!  My tutors (I had 6 different ones over my coursework) would answer questions, fill in gaps of learning, do practice problems with me, quiz me, help me with homework and labs, and tell me about the instructor or course expectations.  So I want to pay it forward.  Also, I have gotten A’s in all my classes, but not without a ton of effort.  So I feel like I have a lot to share about the course, instructor, the material, PLUS I kept all my study sheets and flashcards, as well as any papers, labs, quizzes, and exams.  I feel like someone could really benefit from just seeing how I learned the material.  And it’s cool, because I have taken a lot of these courses out of sequence, so my peers are currently in some courses I have previously taken.

I want to help someone, but I’m not sure how to garner tutees without being pushy, aggressive, or obnoxious.  I want to get the word out, but not put myself out there TOO much.  So it’s a fine line.  Also, I feel like I can’t write “tutoring” on my CV unless I actually work with a student at least once.  Even though I’m totally legit-employed by the university.  And I tried to get some friends to take me up on tutoring, just to have a client(s), so I can practice the required tutoring skills, and write it down.  BUT I came up against an obstacle I hadn’t anticipated:  Stigma.  I had not looked upon tutoring as a dominant-submissive relationship at all.  Because it wasn’t that way when I was being tutored.  But my friend DID.  And she indicated she doesn’t want to feel inept.  Which I hadn’t really expected either–when I was being tutored it was to get A’s–not because I was failing.

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So that hurt my feelings, and gave me a reality check.  I need to somehow get word out that I’m a tutor now, AND convey that students with any letter grade/ability-level can benefit from someone with prior course experience.  So there’s that.  We’ll see how I can do.  Wish me luck in getting a tuttee!  I’m ready and excited!!!

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