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(Half of a) Dysphagia Goal Essay

15 Mar

If I couldn’t get on the Audiology career path, my first choice in SLP avenues would be dysphagia.  As such, I had levator veli palatini 2started brainstorming an admissions essay for the SLP-graduate program here.  I have subsequently decided that I will not be applying to Riverpoint’s graduate school as a back-up plan.  I don’t like the ethos at this school, and wouldn’t want to suffer through two more years, seeing even MORE of these instructors.  I don’t love their attitudes about student communication.  It may become a back-up option when we get to Colorado though.  Depending on how my Audiology acceptance goes. . .  So I’ll abandon this one and save it for a rainy day.  Or never *crosses fingers*

-include vet observation & diagnostics

Talk about watching the equine endoscopies and how interesting the diagnostic processes were to me. Also mention how I have taken, developed, and viewed radiographs for that last 13.5 years in small animal veterinary hospitals.

-Talk about my mom’s Indian fry bread and tacos and explain that food is often foundational to retaining culture.

snake dance 4I have enjoyed fry bread sopping with honey and butter since I can remember. Unfortunately, because of all the poverty on the Flathead Reservation that contains my people, there is not a lot of Salish pride. As a result, many of the traditions have been lost to assimilation and survivalist mentalities. One stronghold on the culture, that remains is our food. Early settlers may have forced Native Americans to burn their regalia, stop dancing, and neglect their language, but they could not take away our food. The recipes were memorized, and handed down from tribal elders, to mothers, and now to me. It is a link to my heritage that I would not want to imagine losing. Thinking about a life where I could not partake in the sticky, fluffiness that is Indian Fry Bread seems bleak. That is why I want to work with dysphagia patients–to help them retain and enjoy the foods central to their culture.  Again and more.


-why am I interested in this?

I’m interested in dysphhagia because it blends my love of cuisine with my compassion for others. I love food and can’t imagine the joy that is sheared away if you were not able to enjoy eating or had a fear of choking. I would enjoy using my creativity to come up with delicious, but practical foods for people who are having difficulty eating.
-who do I want to help?

I want to help any age person that is frustrated with changing their diet, eating a limited vareity of foods, or has a fear of eating things they enjoy because of their health. Sharing my passion for food and coming up with meals the patient not only can adjust to, but is excited to eat are my career goals.

snake dance colored pencil

Key vocab words:

-multifarious-having many different parts, elements, forms; numerous & varied; highly diverse

-abate-reduce in amt degree sevrity

-anodyne- something that calms/soothes pain

-ardor-intense & passionate feeling

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