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A Student’s Schedule

17 Mar

Now that I am not forced to carefully craft every minute of my day in order to balance work, school, and personal responsibilities I don’t wanna go all relaxed and unstructured.  I need to be just as productive, even though I am now only scheduled for class, then have to work with cleaning and independent study.  But I’m not sure how I want to go about it quite yet.


I suppose I should write down the things I want to do, then run a trial, and adjust it as needed:

-Go to bed a little later then 7PM.  I’d like to go to bed at 8 (maybe later when the days get longer?) most days, and by 7:30 PM on the eve before work.  Because 7PM is ridiculously early, and I don’t have to live like that anymore.  I am a person now.

-Treadmill 2 miles per day right when I wake up–before anything else.

-This means I need to figure out which specific days work best for cleaning.  Monday morning is good, because that’s the beginning of the week and when the vets switch back.  But if for whatever reason Mon AM won’t work, I could do Sunday or Saturday.  At the end of the week, it will work best to go in the mornings–because everybody gets to work later so I won’t have to press so hard to get there really early to finish before the work day (or see anyone).  I’ll have to experiment with the middle of the week to see if I want morning or afternoon.  So mission–try out lots of options is in play.

++so I’ve been trying different things out.  And I really did intend on trying an afternoon, but I just CANNOT leave the house again once I’m home after class.  I really intended on it, but my PJs called loudly, the traffic is horrible at that time, I don’t know what time everyone at work leaves–and can’t vacuum or really do anything while they’re there.  Maybe when the days are longer I could go in after 6PM, but now it’s apparently out of the question.  I have the same problem Saturday afternoon too, the vet stays who knows how long to write her records and finish phone calls.  Pretty much every morning from 5AM to 6:30AM worked out about the same.  Wednesdays (my class begins relatively early) and Fridays (I don’t have to leave the house usually) were a little worse though, so I might try to go on days other then those 2.

-I want to keep doing my flashcards and study sheets immediately after class.  I also want to start reviewing my textbook outline, the future powerpoints, and priming immediately before class.  I’ll need to set aside time for labs and assignments too.  And of course pencil in independent study time and observation hours.  I also want to have time to read/outline the textbook stuff I didn’t finish over winter break for both my classes.

-I want to finish my CV, finish (aside from editing) my application essay, and put together recommender folders to streamline my graduate school application process.  I decided

-It would be nice to have a little more time to clean the apartment and also to cook.  Just the regular living things I never seemed to have time for previously.  Maybe take time to plan a menu, actually help grocery shop for said menu items, and cook 2 meals a week?


So to start:

Go to bed at 8PM.  Wake up by 5AM, except on my deep-cleaning day of the week OR put the deep-cleaning on a Forster day when they come in later  or in an evening.  Treadmill 2 miles first thing.  Go to work when it’s an AM clean day.  Come home, study flashcards on the treadmill.  Shower.  Prime for class.  Go to class.  Make that day’s new flashcards.  Make Friday my grad app  personal chores day?

I still have some kinks to work out, but it will take trails.  Also, this is an item on my to-do list that I want to finish.  It’s spring break after all, and even though I now don’t really NEED a break (from what?) I’d better take one so I can hit it hard for the rest of the semester.  I don’t want random to-do list items hanging over my head.


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