Quick! Enter All AuD Skills I Have Thanks to Other Activities (Essay Brainstorm)

20 Mar

Here’s a little audiology personal statement essay brainstorm.  I’m trying to connect my experiences and activities to pertinent skills of an AuD.  I can add to this later.

Skill-From Where:

-work with all ages=from teaching clogging

-service jobs=vet employ, campus dining

-compassion=animal work, Elementary x-mas party

-Attn to Detail=vet jobs (monitor sx)

-P-specific protocols=vet employ, clogging tutoring, cheer camp teaching

-non-verbal communication=working w/animals

-ethics=working w/animals which can’t speak for themselves

-team-work=school VB

-people management=cheering at rival games, teaching clogging class

-organization=taking 16-18 credits (w/labs) while working full-time @ Noah’s Ark


Other Way Around:

=pre-vet club- motivating others, team-building

=trash pick-ups- being a leader, conscientious, hard work

=applying to vet school- learning from failure, thinking outside the box

=therapeutic riding center- compassion, behavior management, communication

=trans presentation- appreciate diversity, educate others, political involvement

=pole-vault- dedication, practice, details, breaking large tasks into small steps, commitment

=running- mental strength, increasing drive, self reliance

=observing- flexibility, responsibility, promptness, collecting data, taking notes

=student government- putting yourself out there, creative ideas, promoting self/organization

=performing- team-work, practice, professionalism, dedication, showmanship, losing gracefully

=boarding- time-management, working under stress/pressure, going above & beyond, maintain humor

=EMX- anticipation, preparation,  multi-tasking under pressure, ethics, boundaries

=DVVH- attention to detail, team-building, staff-appreciation, procedural lists, confidence


Job Entails:

-communication = non-verbal animal, team-mates in VB, general student body in student government, public in trans education, children in therapeutic riding, co-workers/vet during sx, client education during vet phone calls, crowd-control during games in cheer, other cheerleaders during loud assemblies

-p-specific- teaching clogging to all ages, tutoring/camps in cheer, dealing w/different clients in vet hospitals, pleasing different employers @ different vet jobs, diversity of LGBT group

-all ages- teaching clogging, performing at retirement homes, working w/many ages at therapy riding

-compassion- elementary x-mas party, relay for life, working w/animals that can’t speak for themselves, wanting help people like my Dad

-counseling- education about trans issues, peer-counseling in school, client education @ vet hospitals

-attn to detail- monitoring anesthetic, cleaning, temp data w/dairy & hogs, organizing pre-vet meetings

-critical thinking- volunteering in organic chem stockroom, making decisions under pressure at vet hospitals, 

-ethics- vet jobs, working w/kids at cheer camp,

-dedication- 8 years track, 8 years clogging, 14 years vet,

-knowledge- GPA, practical experience in medical settings at vet hospital, observation at hearing center, membership in AAA,


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