UNC Research Emphasis (for AuD Essay)

22 Mar

Honestly, I haven’t SEEN enough audiology to know what area I might want to practice.  I only get three audiology-courses in undergrad, and one of them is anatomy.  So that hasn’t helped guide my decision.  I have no experience and my school is focused on SLP, so I’m not even certain who to talk to.

This makes it difficult to write an essay narrowing down the avenue in which I’d like to practice.  So instead of trying to figure out what I might like to do, maybe I should attempt to write what my dream school wants to hear (pun intended).

Here’s my instructions, and a website I’ll have to check out:

Personal Statement
SLHS has no required format for the personal statement, but the length should not exceed two pages single spaced.Be specific about your academic, clinical, and research interests. You may want to include experiences relevant to the program of study, and any special skills you have, including experiences with other cultures or languages. However, you do not need to address each of these issues if it does not seem relevant to you.You may find these resources helpful:http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/642/01/http://chronicle.com/article/Leave-Dr-Seuss-Out-of-It/126098/

And here are the research interests of the faculty at the school:

OAEcochlear views

cochlear pathology

auditory processing disorders

HL preventionhair cells 1



aural rehab


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