Annoying Tax-Loop

6 Apr

I’m considering April a month of financial blog posts.  Because money is a goal of mine in 2014, and because of tax day and all.  I will post about my efforts toward my money goals, how to UN-focus on money, and I guess any random currency-issue I come up with between now and May.  Here’s an annoying story about internet tax-return services:

I complete my tax return during winter break.  I like to get it done before school becomes a factor (ain’t nobody got time for that!) and because I generally get refunds at my income level.  So it’s not a gloom and doom time for me–it’s a bonus.  This year, was no different, as soon as I received my W2 from work, I got on it.  Which, in hindsight wasn’t my greatest plan, because I ALSO am supposed to receive statements from my school, my current loans, my undergrad loans, China, my Uncle’s cousin, the neighbor’s dog and whoever else wants to take their sweet time to casually tell me how much money I am forced to spend all the time.  But I couldn’t wait, so I used last year’s stuff, and I’ll probably get audited one day when I DO have some money.  But I’m not worried about that for now, because I worry about enough things. . .


I try to bookmark whatever internet site I used the previous year so I don’t have to re-type EVERYthing.  And also because I don’t want to have to come up with new passwords, pins, whatever else hoops they make you jump through.  And I think I used H&R Block last year.

So I go to my bookmark.  It’s a bad link a year later, so I just type the name in Chrome, no big deal.  I’m at a page where it’s–put in your username and password or new user?  register here.  You know the type of thing.  So I try out my usual info as a current user.  Nope, wrong.  I type in another option.  Nope.  Maybe you have to enter a full e-mail address?  Try again.  No.  Hmmm, well, e-mail me my old password then.  This action takes me to a blank page.  OK, my computer must have glitched out.  Back, back back.  Ugh–refresh.  Remind me my password.  Blank page.

–>This morning when I’ve been trying to log in to finish my taxes, the website won’t let me log in.  The password I am entering in is correct (I even reset my password and try entering the new one), but the screen goes blank as if it were signing in, then appears with the exact same screen asking me to sign in once again.  Can anybody from the H&R Block website help me out?

–>I also started my taxes last night and am now unable to sign back into my account. I’ve changed my password three times, and every time it redirects me back to the login page! I hope they fix this glitch soon!

–>Welcome to the Community. We’re not experiencing any system wide issues. I would recommend calling our client support team for assistance. They can be reached at 1-800-HRBLOCK (1-800-472-5625).

Oh HELL no–I am in no way going to make a phone call about it.  Forget you H&R Block–I’d say even 1 page full of people commenting about the SAME issue is, indeed a system-wide problem.  OK, fine, I’m not going to waste a bunch of time fighting with the site.  I’ll register under a different name as a new user.  Can’t–there is already a user with that e-mail address.  No password I type is the right one.  It glitches out when I attempt to get a reminder.

–>I can’t log into my account at all. I’ve chsnged my oassword a feeee times and that hasn’t helped. I got an email stating my federal was accepted and wanted to efile my state return and I can’t even access it!!! I have been on hold with the support numer for over an hour!!! Someone help!!

Now I want to kill.  I’ve been on H&R Block’s page just trying to get IN for like 50 min now.  I type in a general search engine “signing in to H&R Block.”  Seems like a billion people have also had this issue.  LAST year they let you click the Facebook icon to sign up with the site.  This year–it’s not an option.  Probably because Facebook is sketchy as hell and sells and spreads your info around.  But because it used Facebook, there IS no username or password.  But because I used the site last year–my social security number has tied me to their system and I can’t register as a new user.

So I said screw you H&R Block and went to Tax Act or some competitor–because honestly, I don’t care.  My taxes are so simple any site could handle them.  But I think the snafu ended up saving me a worse headache because of the student refund debacle.

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One Response to “Annoying Tax-Loop”

  1. melaniegobledvm April 7, 2014 at 5:10 AM #

    Oh, sounds like lots of fun! I am thankful that my father-in-law does our taxes for us. I used to do them, but why bother when he is so good at it? Good luck and may your taxes be less problematic in the future.

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