Ways to Feel Rich Without Spending Money

9 Apr

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-intangible things

-each time I feel WANT/worry/hopeless, instead focus on everything I do have/can accomplish

Use Things I already Own:

favorite things-read books I own, but haven’t delved into yet

-read magazines I already have but haven’t had time to look at

-go to the library to read books (and rent music/movies) for free

-frisbee or soccer in the park

-participate in one of school’s learning/entertainment opportunities

-play some games we haven’t used in awhile

-look up new card games

-do a new exercise combo

-do a craft w/things I already have or stuff from around the house or stuff from nature

-Watch DVDs I already own and haven’t seen in awhile

-do a themed marathon

-take advantage of internet shows (Hulu, Networks, YouTube, search new ones)

-clean a closet/drawer–you always find old treasures

-cook something originalSummer Begins 2013 055

-use some of my cool kitchen accessories

Wear something different:

-wear different clothes every, single day–really dig into the back of the closet and the bottom of the drawers.

-try a new clothes/shoes combo

-Rit-Dye something/transform something old into something new

-wear different makeup each day

-use old stuff around here to make a craft

-go through all the jewelry and accessories (barrettes, belts, etc) and try new (old) ones all the time.

-wear a different perfume each day

-use crafty things we already have

-wear hats frequently

-rearrange the furniture

-fix my hair differently

Change the scenery:

Kidron's Camera 001-study in the bathtub, at school near a novel window, in a park

-take a drive to see someplace new

-go to a river/lake

-talk a walk somewhere new

-car camping

-get active–try a new game/sport/activity/treadmill routine

Be productive:

-study, work ahead on the syllabi, read/outline the textbook, organize my study materials, clean, work on my AuD application, cook, etc. ..

-clean closets, drawers, walls, floors, windows

-plan the Colorado moveSpokane Apt 028

-organize DVDs

-hand wash laundry

-stretch, exercise

Make money:

-write an ad to sell something on Craigslist

money-sell clothes on PoshMark

-answer a work ad on Craigslist

-apply for scholarships/grants

-pawn things

-gather cans and turn them into recycle

-make & sell crafts

-plan a yard sale

-donate blood for $$$


Give to Others:

-make a hand-made gift

-write a love notesquaw horses

-brush the kitties

-send someone a snail-mail letter

-say hey to people on Facebook

-make a homemade cat tree &/or toy

-volunteer to use time productively, and see people worse off

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