April Goal Accountability

27 Apr

I always underestimate April.  It’s always a busy, stressful month for me, because that’s when all the final projects are due, when all the papers have to be written, every class is wrapping things up–and FINALS.  So a quick run-down of April (a little early) because things are about to get more hectic before they get better.

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily:  Yes, I didn’t miss 1 day, but it hasn’t been as great as I’d like.

-drink water:  I drank 7 cups a day–and on certain occasions even did 8 or more!  It’s going well 🙂

-read for pleasure:  Bad.  I have been studying flashcards right before sleeping.

-weekly massage:  Terrible.  Things are so busy in April with the semester coming to a close.

-abstain from drinking:  Perfect.  How in the world did I used to have time to drink AND study?!

-study habits:  I missed 13 points on my last exam, which has made me terrified.  I had only missed 5 total points in the entire course (exams, labs, assignments) total prior to this, so missing more than double that in one fell swoop was a big blow.  I had studied for it with 90% of my whole heart though–the exam format just played upon my test anxiety.  I will not let that happen again–I will keep my A+ and 4.0 GPA.

January=fitness:  Today was day 116 of treadmilling at least 1 mile/day.  Often I did 2 miles.  We also started doing a weights video frequently.  I still overindulge with food, but my physique hasn’t suffered for it.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things:  Neutral.  I’ve been too busy trying to keep my grades up to say anything at all!

March=straighten out sleep:  When Cool isn’t snoring, I sleep pretty well.

April=save $$$:  It’s easier not to spend money when I don’t have a job.  Saving it is another story.  Saving from where?  I’m just trying not to drop too low.

May=volunteer:  I helped with several projects this semester.  We still plan on looking into Habitat for Housing once my finals are over, and once it stops raining 24/7.

June=Cool:  We are working with her new medicine, working on sleep/motivation, and working SUPER-hard to help her drop weight.  Things are improving on all fronts.

July=my appearance:  Has gone by the wayside.  Suddenly school took up so much time!  I can’t imagine how horrible things would be if I was still working at Cat’s Meow.  I would have 100% lost my 4.0 GPA.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more:  I’m trying to re-group after my test.  And I’m trying only to think about productive things instead of fretting.  I’m beginning to be a different person in this respect.  What I have FAILED on is my positivity jar.  I neglected it all month (last month too).

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead:  Way, way better!  I found ZipList and it streamlined the process and made everything a lot less time-consuming.  The food stamps also help, because there’s money to GET the groceries!!!

Oct=don’t over-pluck:  Not a concern–I wouldn’t have had time if I wanted to.

Nov=Increase eye contact:  The kitties love when I look into their eyes  >^+^<

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