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Just Another Quick Note

13 May

The German by Laurel 009I am glad I quit drinking in November. It was inadvertently the best time I could have picked to maximize success. It was after the fall season, which features the best beers, festivals, and prior to school really gearing up. And holiday drinking really isn’t a “thing” for me, since family is far away, big parties have never happened on the big 3 holidays of the year, and studying is mostly on my mind in that time frame. But I have established firm habits now. Which apparently used to be prime drinking season.

As the weather gets warmer, I realize we used to drink during this time. As celebration for an accomplished semester. As enjoyment of the beautiful weather. As an end-goal for walking on a sunny day. And now I sort of miss it–but I have too many sober days in a row to ruin it. I will in no way allow myself to fail.  Not to mention I want my actions to align with my goals–and there is no place for alcohol in that equation.

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And even though I in no way want to ruin things by drinking, it’s still kind of a let-down and a bummer abstaining during this season.  I still want to have a lot of fun and enjoy the weather and treat myself and let go a little during summer break, the only real time I don’t have to study so hard.  So here’s some things to enjoy instead:

-celebrate a good grade/GPA with a special meal or an activity or a coveted item.

-get food and take it outside to a park, instead of enjoying a brew on a patio as before.

-don’t walk anywhere near our old standby places–this means all the greatest restaurants in Spokompton (which doesn’t have many choices in the 1st place) are off limits.

-keep busy with games, crafts, books (as well as obviously my to-do list, but we’re talking fun things right now, not punishment).

-make our own smoothies/healthy drinks and take them on walks in a thermos so we can indulge still.

-drink out of our fancy glasses at home instead of the plain ‘ol waterbottles all the time.

-get some fruit or herbs to dress up water.

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Mizzou Pre-Vet Club VP Job Description

13 May

Here’s something I obviously don’t need taking space on my computer.  Maybe I would need something like this for sentimental reasons or future leadership so I’m posting here.  It’s 7 years old–OMG did I graduate from Mizzou SEVEN years ago?  That seems really unbelievable.  . .  Ironically, I’m listening to Akon right now, which was my absolute favorite at that point in time for me.  He has 3 new albums out that I didn’t know about.


To All Future Vice Presidents

Welcome to pre-vet club! Your job is pretty much being the organizer of the officers. You will call officer meetings as necessary. You also take over for any officer not in attendance. Make sure you know what the other officers do.

It will help if you get everyone’s contact information right away. You will be e-mailing all the officers quite a bit. You may also want to type up a phone/e-mail tree for everyone.
I liked to have 2 big planning sessions over food to plan an entire semester. Then officers just meet on Wednesdays before the regular meetings when you need to. You can do it anyway you want though. In the constitution first and third Sundays before our regular meetings are allotted to officer planning.
As VP, you will also cover for any officers not present. If someone is sick that week, you need to do their job. Also, if the president is sick or quits in the middle of the term, it is you that will take on those duties.

You can do shirts/apparel any way you like. In previous years, the VP took orders of size and color, collected money, then ordered that exact amount of shirts. The problem with this method is many people don’t go to every meeting. Some members missed the meeting they were supposed to specify what they wanted. Sometimes they would pay, then not be at any meetings to collect their shirt. . .
You can also do like I did and just buy the sizes and colors you think will be popular. I ordered 200 shirts. The smalls and mediums were the most popular sizes. The problem with this is you may not sell all the shirts, or you may run out of the more popular items.
I also ordered sweatpants to sell for a profit. This seemed to be a hit, and no one complained of the mark-up. I got 100 sweatpants and they went quickly.
You can deal with any shirt company you want. I worked with Flying Cow on the corner of 9th and University. They had a super-fast turnaround (2 weeks or less). It was also nice, because they could e-mail the artwork to be approved, so I didn’t have to go there several times.

Trash Pick Ups:
We have to renew our adopt-a-spot every year. When you want to organize a trash pickup, just call the Columbia recycle center. They will give you bags, gloves, etc. . . You pick the stuff up from them before you pick up trash. It’s located on Lake Street. Just go to business loop towards Old 63, and take a left onto Poplar. It’s straight up the street. The actual adopt a spot is on Stewart and Providence right by Taco Bell. Then you return the blue card after the pick up.

Well, that’s what I can think of right now. Good luck!!! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

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